I am loving our new boho window treatments! Boho or bohemian style decor in interior design is one of those styles that will always be on-trend.

Boho style is a free-spirited look that mixes different cultures and artistic expressions.

Together they make an eclectic style and emphasize natural and organic elements such as metals, woods, animal hides, fun and funky patterns, and more.

Boho is traditionally a mixture of bold colors and those natural components that balance out the vibrant colors.

Some boho decor leans more toward the natural elements with less color. Either way, boho decor can be very beautiful and add a nice creative touch to your home.

Types of Boho Window Treatments

types of boho window treatments

There are a few different types of boho window treatments to fit the needs or preferences of different people and spaces.

Curtains and drapes

Window Curtains and drapes stand out as the most obvious choice for bohemian decor. This is simply because boho style is all about the fabrics and patterns.

Fabric window and wall treatments are emblems of the bohemian style.

These curtains or drapes can be sheer curtains or a more natural color for a soft touch, or bold patterns and colors for that eclectic boho feel.

Window Shades

There are a few different kinds of window shades that fall into the bohemian style category.

Shades may be a less obvious choice for boho window coverings. However, because of the material they are made from, they fit into boho designs in the home.

Typically made of wood (or products made to look like wood), and fabrics with bright patterns, shades can provide a more modern boho look. It’s s trendy stylish look loved by many.

Woven wood shades are a bohemian design that fits into any color palate and really any type of design. They’re a classic style that goes with anything.

Roller shades are very similar in look and material to woven wood shades.

Bamboo roller shades just roll up instead of folding up in an accordion pattern.

Roman shades can be made in many different colors and patterns that reflect the classic boho style with geometric patterns and bright colors.

Window Blinds

Wood blinds and faux wood blinds can also be a boho design choice, because of the natural materials element.

Wooden window treatments and their earth tones fit in well with an eclectic mix of textures in a boho style home.

Boho Curtain Rods

When you choose boho curtain panels to add to your home decor, you probably realize that you need to change or curtain rods to match.

Since boho is a style of mixed elements and textures, you can use any number of materials to hang your curtains.

A wooden curtain rod is a great choice for an all natural look.

A more modern boho look might call for something like this gold metal rod.

As you will see below, we choose a matte black curtain rod to mix with our flowy, neutral curtains.

The fun part about boho design is the classic boho look is a creative mix. You can get a lot of freedom in choosing design elements.

Our DIY Boho Window Treatments

In this section, I will share the window treatments we choose to go with in our new home.

From the moment we stepped into our house, we fell in love with all of the natural light. From the living room and back bedrooms to the home office, dining room, and kitchen, the sunlight fills our entire home.

While natural light is a great way to fill our living space with positive energy, we needed some privacy in the evenings.

Choosing to hang bohemian window treatments was not to block light. Instead, the boho drapes and blinds were a great option to offer privacy when needed.

There were lots of options to choose from when searching for the best boho curtains. From the DIY level of cutting and making your own sheer panels to setting up a free consultation, there is a lot to consider when planning for the right window treatments.

Personally, I love the boho, natural feel, throughout the house. However, some of the bohemian curtains had color palettes that did not fit the energy I was going for in the home. For example, gold curtains with metallic surfaces, or orange curtains with bright purples, would bring in busy energy.

The best window treatments for our space would carry the natural, flowing, energy throughout the house. An excellent way to obtain the clean look is to choose neutral colors.

Rather than hiring a company to design and install new window treatments, we choose to do them ourselves.

Picking Out Our Window Treatments

We went to our local home improvement store and picked out white curtains and black curtain rods. While there, we found bamboo shades that would be a fun way to add visual interest. However, the special order bamboo shades that we liked were above our budget.

It was important to me to have textured shades with the flowy, all white, set of drapes. We decided on pleated fabric blinds. They, too, were a special order, but came in a few hundred dollars cheaper than the bamboo shades.

One thing to note, since we do not have high ceilings, we chose longer curtains. You will see in the next section why the longer curtains were the perfect choice for us.

Installing the Window Treatments

Since we had weeks to wait on the delivery time of the blinds, Travis went ahead and hung the white boho curtains.

Starting at the ceiling, he measured 2 inches down, and made the marks to install the curtain rod brackets.

Using a laser level assured accuracy both vertically and horizontally.

We then unpackaged and hung the white cotton curtains. The curtains we choose have the metal rings at the top. This, too, offered another design element that we prefer.

After waiting a few weeks, the blinds came in and it was time to complete the window treatment install.

Thankfully, the blinds installation was simple. Travis simply attached the brackets to the window frame, and clipped the blinds into place.

The completed look was just what we were hoping for.

Hanging the curtains at nearly ceiling height draws the eyes up. This is a great way to make a small room feel larger.

The curtains gently puddle onto the floor offering that flowy energy vibe we like. And, the textured blinds, offer a touch of dimension to this classic look!

Overall, we are very pleased with the look of our simple boho window treatments.

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