In this blog post, we will cover what chickweed is, how to identify it, the health benefits of chickweed, potential risks, and how it is used in traditional Chinese medicine.

The Health Benefits of Chickweed | Uses and Side Effects

Nature has magical ways of offering remedies, such as these amazing health benefits of chickweed. This beautiful weed holds powerful healing components that most don’t know about. Before you cut down that batch of weeds, check out how they can help improve your health! In this blog post, we will cover what chickweed is, how …

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The Best Mountain Yoga Retreats

Are you searching for the best mountain yoga retreats to escape from the chaos of everyday life? Yearning to reconnect with nature and find inner peace? Look no further!  To support our healthy living and outdoor adventures, we have compiled a list of the best yoga retreats in the United States.  Your next yoga retreat …

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Proven Tips to Beat Motion Sickness when Traveling. What are the Symptoms of Motion Sickness. Natural remedies, wristbands, patches, and medicine to help with nausea.

Motion Sickness | Causes, Treatment, and Natural Remedies for Travel

The anticipation of a thrilling adventure can quickly become overshadowed by the dread of nausea and discomfort. If you get motion sickness when traveling, you’re going to want to stick around for these tips. The wheels begin to turn and the moving vehicle gains momentum. Quickly, an unwelcome sensation creeps up from the depths of …

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the health benefits of being in nature, how nature effects our mental and physical health, and ways to get outside in nature more. #nature #healthbenefits

20 Amazing Health Benefits of Being in Nature

It’s no secret that getting outdoors and spending time in nature can be beneficial to our mental and physical health. So, what exactly are the health benefits of being in nature, and how does it improve our wellbeing? In this blog post, we’ll explore the health benefits of being in nature, and discuss ten main …

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Top health benefits of pine pollen

5 Top Health Benefits of Pine Pollen

When it comes to the health benefits of pine pollen, there are several reasons why you should consider adding it to your wellness routine! Pine pollen has been used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine, and recent studies have proven some of its benefits. From boosting your immunity to improving your skin health, there are …

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powerful health benefits of elderflower tea. Difference between elderflower and elderberries. Easy tea recipe

9 Powerful Health Benefits of Elderflower Tea | Recipe

If you’re feeling a bit run down and in need of some natural remedies, then it’s time to consider the many health benefits of elderflower tea! Elderflower tea has long been loved for its healing properties, It is thought to be a great remedy for a variety of health issues.  Elderflower is great for medicinal …

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reducing stress in your living and workspace

Reducing Stress in Your Living and Work Space

We know reducing stress is really important, but knowing how to reduce stress is not always easy. Stress can be a major factor preventing us from getting the most out of our lives, much less enjoying our lives at any level. It can cause us to become unfocused, unmotivated, and even depressed. Are you a …

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Goldenrod Tea Recipe | How to make it and the health benefits of goldenrod

The Goldenrod Tea Recipe (Benefits and How to Make)

You have to try this goldenrod tea recipe! Goldenrod herbal tea is an herbal supplement that boasts many health benefits and is simple and easy to make. This tea can be homemade with foraged goldenrod plants right from your yard with proper plant identification. It can also be purchased in tea bags or dried whole …

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health benefits of goldenrod and where to find it.

10 Health Benefits of Goldenrod

You may be surprised to learn there are many benefits of Goldenrod. Goldenrod is another one of those plants, like dandelions, that may be growing in your yard or garden that you would probably consider a weed. In full bloom, goldenrod flowers are bright yellow. Despite its ability to grow almost anywhere, mimicking a weed, …

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health benefits of dandelions

12 Health Benefits of Dandelions

Did you know there are health benefits of dandelions? Yes, dandelions are those cute but persistent little yellow flowers you can’t seem to keep out of your yard. You may be surprised to know that they aren’t just a pesky weed. They actually have many valuable purposes. Even though a quick Google search will label …

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