You’re going to love these bedroom accent wall ideas!

Bedroom accent walls are a great way to improve the style of your bedroom. Best of all, you don’t have to add any more furniture or decor that takes up space.

The typical bedroom accent wall is usually on the wall behind your bed. The bed wall tends to be the focal point of the room. This is because the largest piece of furniture is the bed. However, there are no actual rules and a feature wall can work well on any wall in your bedroom.

Stylish and trendy bedroom accent wall ideas.  Shiplap, board and baton,; geometrical, wallpaper, and stone walls.  Great for the farmhouse, boho, modern, and traditional mid century bedroom designs.

Guidelines for choosing the right accent wall design are simple. 60% of the room should be the dominant color, 30% should be the secondary color, and 10% should be an accent color.

Even if you’re using a texture like wood, rather than just a paint color, the shade of wood should blend well with the other colors. You should also make sure that the material you use suits the style of your decor.

Bedroom Accent Wall Ideas

Bold Color Bedroom Accent Walls

Stylish and trendy bedroom accent wall ideas.  Shiplap, board and baton,; geometrical, wallpaper, and stone walls.  Great for the farmhouse, boho, modern, and traditional mid century bedroom designs.

Paint is an easy way to spice up your interior design on a budget and with easy steps that anyone can do.

For a long time, painted accent walls were the most popular and commonly seen in homes. It’s also one of the easier accent walls to change if you get tired of it or redecorate your home.

1. Dark Green Bedroom Accent Wall

This dark wall has a cozier feeling and a perfect pop of color for a large room.

Dark colors are one of the easiest ways to warm up a room. Believe it or not they feel more inviting. Dark green has a positive and earthy vibe that invites you in.

Photo Credit: AngelaRoseHome

2. Beachy Blue Bedroom Accent Wall

A bright color like this blue reminds you of the beach. It works surprisingly well with the almost tan color on the other walls.

It’s a bold statement for sure, but blends well with the color scheme and makes a bright and beautiful statement. Bright colors work well in small spaces to make the room feel larger.

Photo Credit: AtHomeWithCheri

3. Double Bedroom Accent Walls

This is a really cool idea to take the bold color from the main accent wall and create an extension of the existing headboard.

Painting a large circle on the wall behind the bed can be done with any color and plain white walls. This bright yellow really does the job of adding drama to the room.

Photo Credit: DazeyDen

4. Navy Blue Bedroom Accent Wall

The navy blue offers that same cozy feeling as the green, but the warmer color on the other walls makes it even cozier.

Tan or gray walls with the navy blue make a cohesive look that warms the entire room.

Photo Credit: Carmitoron

5. Black Accent Wall

When you think bold colors you probably think bright. Black, however, is probably the boldest color you can use for an accent wall in your home.

Black is daring and makes a space feel more modern but still comfortable.

A dark accent wall is riskier than a bright one, because it changes the space so drastically. If you’re looking for drama, go with a black wall if it fits your home decor style.

You can find this wood platform bed frame on Amazon.

Brick Bedroom Accent Walls

Depending on the style of brick wall you choose, this type of accent wall can give you a modern, industrial look, or a traditional look.

6. Exposed Unfinished Brick Accent Wall

If you have the option to have a legit exposed brick wall in your master bedroom, you should go for it.

Exposed brick is highly favored in interior design and can be updated to match any interior design style you have or want.

Photo Credit: HGTV

7. Exposed Painted Brick Accent Wall

This exposed brick wall is painted and blends in more with the design of the room. It’s a natural focal point, even though some of its drama is hidden by the paint color.

Painting the brick gives it a less bold look, but it’s still textured and interesting.

8. Faux Brick Accent Wall

If a real brick wall is not an option in your bedroom, faux brick can be a convincing alternative.

This distressed faux brick accent wall is rustic and cozy.

9. Brick Accent Wall Sticker Tiles

These stick-on tiles are an easy and less expensive way to transform a boring wall into something interesting.

Take your room to the next level. These wall panels have a simple installation process and they’ll stay put.

10. Brick Veneer Accent Wall

Brick veneer is a nice option for a bedroom accent wall. It’s great if you want something that looks like the real thing for a fraction of the price.

Brick veneer is installed almost like tile sheets and has a very realistic look.

Wallpaper Bedroom Accent Walls

Wallpaper can be a really fun addition to your living space, but thoughts of later having to remove it are terrifying.

That’s where temporary wallpaper comes in.

Peel-and-stick wallpaper is designed to be much more easily removed than the old-school wallpaper of our nightmares. It also offers a ton of different patterns and designs to easily spruce up your space at a responsible cost.

11. Wallpaper That Looks Like A Wood Panel Accent Wall

This option looks like a painted wood paneling wall with the vertical lines that give this peel-and-stick wallpaper some dimension.

12. Abstract Modern Lines Patterned Wallpaper Accent Wall

A subtle but intricate design brings an understated beauty to a bedroom accent wall.

This abstract wallpaper is a great minimalist design.

13. Simple Black and White Floral Wallpaper Accent Wall

This black and white floral wallpaper is a beautiful design with line work that gives a room a modern feel.

The rest of your bedroom could be just about any color and it would look beautiful.

14. Colorful Floral Wallpaper Accent Wall

This busy pattern brings lots of drama to a room with its bright colors.

It’s still a soft look with its small flowers, but it’s a very different style than the black lines of the last two ideas.

This bright and inviting wallpaper works well with white walls.

15. Dark Floral Wallpaper Accent Wall

his dark floral peel-and-stick wallpaper is a dramatic choice and really delivers as an accent wall.

It’s bold and draws your attention immediately. Cover and entire wall or use it to fill in a nook or an odd architectural feature in your bedroom.

Wood Bedroom Accent Walls

These wood bedroom accent walls can give a nice rustic or modern look, depending on the design. Wood accents warm up a room and painted wood accents in recent trends add dimension but have less of a natural feel.

16. Geometric Shapes Wood Accent Wall

This is a really trendy design tactic these days, and only seems to be growing in popularity.

You can make any shapes you want with wood strips and paint them the same color as the wall with bold paint colors or even understated colors.

17. Wood Plank Accent Wall

Build your own wood plank accent wall with wood planks and create the finish you want with stain or paint.

18. Shiplap Accent Wall

Shiplap is a popular finish in modern and contemporary bedrooms and all over the house.

A full wall of shiplap makes a beautiful and soft accent wall. Not too dramatic but not too boring either.

19. Wood Slat Accent Wall

This wood slat accent wall gives a retro vibe and looks great with any color palate. This will give your bedroom a cozy feel no matter what color the remaining walls are.

20. Strained Wood Wall and Ceiling Accent Wall

This accent wall option works best behind and over your bed and makes for a dramatic eye-catching piece as soon as you enter the room.

Natural Stone Bedroom Accent Walls

Natural stone gives you a nice earthy, natural look in your bedroom.

Stone a little harsher than wood accents, but still gives a warm feel to a room’s design. It can also give a colder and more minimalistic feeling to a room, depending on the type of stone.

21. Brown Cascading Stacked Stone

This is one of the fancier stone accent looks and it makes a great addition to a contemporary home.

This stone is also great as a tv accent wall.

22. Grey Stacked Stone Behind the Bed Accent Wall

You can get stone in various colors, just like wood or paint, to blend them into your space well. They still stand out but not in a not belonging kind of way.

23. Mortared Flat Stone Accent Wall

This is a more rustic look that would fit well into a cottage or country home decor. It gives a really rough and unfinished contrast to the rest of the soft and pretty decor in the room.

These types of contrasts are what make a natural accent wall great.

24. Natural Stone Veneer Accent Wall

This large stone veneer gives a much more modern and clean look.

It looks a little more industrial than it does natural. The stone leaves a room brighter, but not as cozy as more natural-looking stone. This wall resembles tile and adds visual interest.

25. Row of Stone Accent Wall

This is a very modern and more artistic accent wall made from stone-like materials.

This stone wall would fit well into a modern and minimalist home, because it’s more like wall art than just an accent wall.

Trendy Bedroom Accent Walls

Last, but not least, here is a final collection of bedroom accent wall ideas. I gathered these pictures of trendy bedroom walls from Pinterest.

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Stylish and trendy bedroom accent wall ideas.  Shiplap, board and baton,; geometrical, wallpaper, and stone walls.  Great for the farmhouse, boho, modern, and traditional mid century bedroom designs.

Bedroom Accent Wall Ideas