Welcome to Our Blue Ridge House blog! Today, we are going to talk about under kitchen sink organizing ideas.

Underneath the kitchen sink can easily become of the messiest cabinets in the house. For some people, it’s one of the most used cabinets. For others, they might not even know what’s down there, because they seldom use it.

Either way, it’s a weird space that’s hard to organize. Why? Because there are pipes, a big bulky garbage disposal, and possibly a water filter.

Organizing under the sink can be a daunting task. This is because it can easily become a dumping ground for random items in the kitchen. Thankfully, it can actually be easier to clean this area up than you think.


The best ways to organize your kitchen cabinets under the sink will vary from house to house. We all have different spaces and items we like to store there; right?

These under kitchen sink organizing ideas ideas will help everyone save space, and have easy access to the items used daily.

Let’s get started with organization ideas for common household items.

Common Household Items in Kitchen Sink Cabinet

Many things typically stored under the kitchen sink are oddly shaped or bulky. You may store different things in your kitchen sink cabinet, but these are common items found in most of these spaces.

  • Kitchen cleaners and chemicals
  • Dish detergents and hand soap
  • Extra sponges and dishwashing gloves
  • Trash bags
  • Flower vases
  • Dish towels
  • Paper towels or reusable paper towels
  • Scrub brushes
  • Plastic bags (grocery bags)

Minimizing clutter under the kitchen sink

The first thing you want to do with an organizing project is to downsize the items you have to organize.

While we all have our preferences about what goes in the kitchen sink cabinet and what doesn’t, most people store cleaning supplies there.


We need cleaning solutions, but we probably don’t need as many as we have. In the cleaning supply aisle at the store, you can find a specific cleaner for every area of your home. For the most part, all you really need is one good, all purpose spray cleaner.

We’ve all collected cleaning products that we’ve tried out and not loved in the past. Reducing the number of spray bottles in your under-sink area will make organizing much easier.

Sifting through the items, deciding what stays or goes, is the first step to making your under the kitchen sink area a functional space.

You may find some of the items could be moved to a bathroom cabinet or a utility closet.

After you decide what’s staying and give that empty cabinet a good wipe down, it’s time to start your organization project. You could also think about adding shelf liners while you have the cabinet cleaned out.

Organizers for Under the Sink

It’s easy to maximize space under the kitchen sink, and have a place for everything with these organizers. There are plenty of different shapes and sizes and even adjustable systems for any size or shaped space. 

Storage containers are the perfect way to make extra space in your kitchen cabinets.

Under Sink Mat

You’ve pulled everything out of your cabinet to organize. Now, it’s a good idea to put an under sink mat in before organizing the other items.

Since you have plumbing under your kitchen sink, it’s possible that you may end up with a leak at some point. Depending on how many items you store in that cabinet, it may be difficult to see the pipes or bottom of the cabinet clearly enough to catch a leak immediately. This mat protects your cabinets by collecting the water. 

SpaceKeeper Under Sink Organizer

This set of shelves has a slide out drawer on the bottom as well as hooks, dividers, and hanging cups for even more organization. This is great if you have plenty of vertical space in your kitchen sink cabinet. 

Expandable Under the Sink Organizer

This sturdy shelf helps you maximize your vertical space and the space behind your plumbing so you can store more under your sink. The height of the shelf is adjustable so it can work for whatever space or items you have by raising or lowering the shelf. 

Simple Houseware 2 Tier Expandable Metal Shelf Organizer Rack

This expandable shelf is made to fit anywhere under your sink. The shelves slide from side to side to fit around plumbing or can be pushed together and used off to the side of your cabinet. 

Staggered Shelf Under Sink Organizer

This staggered shelf design is great for narrower cabinets that don’t have a lot of vertical space. The smaller shelf on top can easily sit beside your sink bowl in the cabinet. This organizer is also deigned to sit on a counter top as well.

Under Sink Turntable with Adjustable Dividers

This lazy suzan type organizer is great for keeping a category of items like your dish soap and sponge for easy and quick access when you need them. 

Under Sink Pull Out Baskets

These black baskets are great for storing hand towels or rags for cleaning. They pull out and are slightly more elevated which makes them able to extend over a under the sink mat if you have one.

Acrylic Stackable Storage Drawers

These clear acrylic drawers are stackable. This allows you to use as many as will fit vertically in your space.

They are great for storing smaller, loose items. Things like sponges, dishwasher tablets, magic erasers, or other small everyday items that you need easy access to will fit perfectly in these drawers.

Cleaning Supplies Caddy

Use a cleaning supplies caddy to organize your cleaning products under you sink. They allow you to easily grab supplies, and carry to any room you need to use it in.

A portable caddy that can be carried around your house makes cleaning easier and more convenient.

Kitchen Sink Organizers

If you’re low on space under your sink, it may make more sense to bring some of your everyday-use items up onto your kitchen sink.

Try these kitchen sink organization ideas that can keep your sink stay nice and neat.

Kitchen Sink Caddy Counter Organizer

Your dish soap and sponge or brushes will be tidy but easier to access with this counter organizer.

Sink Caddy Sponge Holder

This caddy has suction cups to attach to the inside wall of your kitchen sink.

This helps with counter space as well as drainage from wet sponges or cleaning rags so you don’t have to deal with pooling water.

Expandable Sink Caddy Organizer

This expandable shelf is a great storage option for dishwashing items and allows everything to dry without making a mess.

More Under Kitchen Sink Organizing Ideas

Making sure you make good use of the vertical space under your sink and the space on the back of the cabinet doors will maximize your ability to organize your under-sink cabinet.

Round Adhesive Push Towel Hooks

These hooks can easily be installed inside your cabinet doors on your cabinet wall for towels.

Over-the-Cabinet Towel Hooks

If you would rather hang a hook than attach it with a screw, these hooks are a great option.

Over-the-Cabinet Storage Tray

This little tray doesn’t require any attachment, it hangs nicely over your cabinet door. This is a good option for your dishwashing items if you don’t want them out on your sink.

Storage Holder for Plastic and Garbage Bags

If you save your plastic grocery bags to reuse, this is a great storage option for those.

It’s also a good option for trash bags so you can get the bulky box they come in out of your way. 

Over The Cabinet Door Organizer Basket

If you need more space on the cabinet floor, this hanging basket works well for just about anything because it hangs low enough to hold tall items.

Reusable Paper Towel Holder

Storing your reusable paper towel roll in the sink cupboard can be a countertop space saver and great if you like everything to be put away.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these under kitchen sink organizing ideas.

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