Whether it’s the warm glow of the bonfire, a small fire pit on your patio, or a little tabletop fire, there is no shortage of creative backyard bonfire ideas.

The best way to get started on your fire pit goals is by looking through fire pit ideas.

You may find a simple way to DIY something that is perfect for you, or you may find some ready made options to purchase that fits in that perfect place in your yard.


There’s nothing better than enjoying an outdoor fire on a cool evening.

We all have different outdoor spaces and the options for fire pits are pretty much only limited by our space and imagination.

Below you will find a list of some of the best ideas for outdoor fire pit design to inspire your own fire pit.

Whether it’s a small space, large space, or huge space, you can get creative and create a cozy outdoor space.

Make any space in your yard perfect for fun activities and a backyard party.

Some are DIY ideas that you may want to copy exactly or you could use them to create your own design with the materials you already have.

Also listed below are outdoor fire pit ideas that you can purchase ready to use. Either way, you’re sure to find something to fit your style, budget, and space on this list.


Ideas for Fire Pit Tables

Table fire pits or fire tables can be a great choice for people who don’t have a lot of outdoor space but still want a nice place to sit fireside.

Fire pit tables are great for patios or decks, covered or uncovered. You can still have a nice little fire on your patio, even roast some hot dogs.

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Wooden Fire Pit Table

This wooden fire pit table has a simple metal insert in the center for a small fire. This table could be DIYed to be any side you wanted.

It could be a centerpiece table or a table that actually seats people, like a picnic table.


DIY Fire Top Table from Flower Pot

This is a really innovative idea for a tabletop fire. All that is required is a fire pit kit with propane hookups for the propane tank.

This is a great way to create more warmth from bigger flames at your fire pit table.

Fire Pit Table with Built-In Cooler

If you’re looking for something a little fancier, this fire pit table with a built-in cooler is sleek and functional.

Bonus: this can’t be both a fire pit and a cooler at once, but that means it can still be useful on those hot summer nights when you don’t want a fire. 


Natural Stone and Metal Fire Pit Table

If you’d rather purchase your fire pit table than build it, this natural stone and metal table is a nice size for a back porch or patio.

It also comes with a protective fire pit cover that prevents sparks from being thrown.

That’s a great addition to a fire pit that will be close to your home or flammable objects in your outdoor space. 


Gas Firepit Table

This gas fire pit table with lava rocks is a great option if you don’t want to mess with wood and you want a nice smokeless fire to sit by.

It works for a backyard, deck, or patio and is the perfect size for several people to gather around.


Compact Gas Firepit Table

If you’re looking for something a little smaller, this propane firepit table is perfect for between two chairs and mess free. 

This is a great option for a small portable fire pit to enjoy on your deck or patio when you settle in after some long days.


Table Top Fire Bowl

If you’re really low on space or you’re just looking for a little decorative fire for your patio or deck, a table top fire bowl is ideal. This one is made of concrete.

Table Top Fire Bowl with Lava Rock

This larger bowl with lava rock is a great table top decoration and a cozy addition to your screened in porch or sunroom.

A fire feature, no matter how small, adds a warm feeling to a space.

An outdoor coffee table or dining table is the perfect spot for one of these table top fire bowls.


Gas Table Top Fire Bowl

If you don’t want to make your own, you can buy table top fire bowls in all different styles, shapes, and sizes.

This one has glass stones and the size of your flame can be adjusted with just the turn of a knob. 


DIY Fire Pit Ideas

Here, you will find a collection of DIY backyard bonfire ideas.


DIY Modern Concrete Fire Pit

Concrete is a very affordable, durable, and weather-resistant material to work with. It seems like a complicated substance to use, but it’s actually pretty simple.

All you need a good mold. This one is on the smaller side, but if you have something to use for a larger mold, you can make it any size you want to fit your own space. 

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Square DIY Concrete Fire Pit

For this easy DIY square fire pit, you basically just stack concrete blocks. Now that’s a pretty easy DIY, and it makes a beautiful outdoor fireplace.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

It’s probably easiest to make a square or rectangle shape, but you could make it whatever shape you want. That’s the best thing about DIY, it’s customizable to fit your style, space and budget.

DIY Keyhole Fire Pit with Built-In Grill

If you’re big on cooking over the fire, this is the easiest and coolest fire pit idea.

This gives everyone plenty of room to roast marshmallows on one side and everyone else to enjoy the heat of the fire on the other side.

It’s a perfect gathering place for everyone to enjoy a memorable night.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

In-ground Firepit Space

This in-ground firepit idea just utilizes the empty space in the center for a fire and is more about building out the surrounding area.

The bottom of the pit can be left as the natural ground or add some small stones or gravel underneath. The storage under the seating for your chopped firewood is such a cool idea.

Stacked Stone Fire Pit

This design is so organic and fits nicely into a backyard. It’s the perfect combination between decor and function. It feels like you’re in nature instead of looking at a manmade fire pit.

Tight Space Backyard Fire Pit

If your space is limited, you may need to place your fire pit close to a fence or some other feature in your yard.

The high back on this DIY fireplace allows you to back it up near other things without it becoming a fire hazard. 

Photo Credit: Pinterest

DIY Pavers Fire Pit with Built In Benches

These built in benches are amazing! The simple use of pavers and wood to create not only seating but storage space is genius.


This spacious circular area is surrounding a fire pit made out of concrete pavers.

With more natural stones lining the outside of the area, seashell pieces fill in the circle (instead of the typical stones.

Underneath the ground was raked and leveled, then covered in landscape cloth. Then the border of nature stone was created, then filled with the crushed shell.

This gives a very spacious area for bonfire parties in this backyard, without create a fire hazard for the surrounding wooded area.

DIY Railroad Tie Fire Pit

Railroad ties are actually pretty handy for all kinds of outdoor projects, but especially landscaping.

Using railroad ties to close in your fire pit area is a great, low cost idea.

You may already have some in your own backyard you can put to use. Just be sure you check on where they’re coming from.

Some railroad ties have been treated with chemicals, so you just want to be sure before you have kids hanging out on them and fire blazing nearby!

Simple In Ground Cinder Block Fire Pit

If you’re less worried about backyard design and you’re planning large fires, cinder block is a great option.

The important thing would probably be to place this fire pit out in a large yard and away from children or pets for safety reasons.

Safety first! You wouldn’t want any children or animals to accidentally fall into this hole. This is a good option for a real bonfire and brush burning. 

The use of cinder blocks keeps costs down as well!

Two Tiered DIY Fire Pit

This is another great option for cooking over the fire. It’s a fun design that’s simple to recreate in your own yard.

Simple Paver Bonfire Pit

While this may not be the most clear picture of a firepit, I couldn’t not include it in the list.

My brother and sister-in-law have a bonfire pit good enough for their dog to enjoy!

Metal Fire Pit Ideas

Perhaps you don’t like the look of a cinder block pit, or the bonfire tables aren’t your style. Here are some metal fire pit examples for more inspiration.

Deep Bowl Metal Fire Pit

This metal fire pit is great for a patio or deck, with a protective cover to keep everything and everyone around it safe. 

Simple Metal Fire Pit

If you’re looking for a more affordable option but you don’t want to do a DIY, this simple metal fire pit will work anywhere in your outdoor space. 

Wood Burning Metal Fire Pit with Grilling Grate

This heavy-duty metal fire pit has a cool swivel grilling grate.

The grate can be swiveled 360 degrees so you can move it off the fire if you want your food to stop cooking.

Metal Fire Ring with Stone

The cool thing about metal rings is that they make for a really simple DIY fire pit.

This fire ring is surrounded by natural stone for a more organic look and a barrier between you and the hot metal.

Freestanding Metal Fire Ring

I love the rustic look of fire rings and there are so many different ways you can use them.

This one can be done so easily just by positioning your pavers in a large enough square to fit your fire ring. The personalization is awesome too, but definitely not a typical DIY project!

Metal Gas Fire Pit

Wood, lava rock, and a metal ring. It is just a few simple materials and a little creativity to make a cool fire pit for the whole family to enjoy.


Double Metal Ring Fire Pit

This one is one of my favorites. It’s another really simple fire pit to put together but it’s such a cool modern fire pit.


Brick Fire Pit Ideas

Square Brick Fire Pit with Pea Gravel Base

This may be one of the easiest ways to build a fire pit.

The square design of this fire pit makes the construction very straight forward.

Plus, the cost is minimal if you already happen to have a pile of old bricks that you don’t know what to do with. 

DIY Repurposed Brick Fire Pit

This brick fire pit was made with bricks from an old walkway. Bricks can be used for so many things in your landscaping!


n Ground Brick Fire Pit

This in-ground brick fire pit could be made any size you want, depending on the number of bricks you have. 

DIY Brick and Paver Fire Pit

This brick and paver combination makes the fire pit a creative addition to an outdoor space.

Photo Credit: KuZaks Closet

In Ground Wide Base Brick Fire Pit

This fire pit looks fancy because it’s big and layered, but it’s actually super simple. 

Deep Brick Fire Pit

This traditionally shaped fire pit would be a great addition to the outdoor space of a brick home.

In Ground Brick Fire Pit with Pebble

This in-ground brick fire pit is functional and the surrounding pebble and stepping stones make it aesthetically pleasing. 

Simple DIY Brick Vented Fire Pit

Expect this fire pit to provide nice, large fires due to all the ventilation this brick design offers.

If you’re looking for bigger fires in your backyard, this is a good low-cost option for a DIY.

More Backyard Bonfire Ideas


Personalized Stone Fire Pit

This fire pit is not only a beautiful focal point for your yard, it’s special too!

You can personalize it with your kids’ handprints or yours and your spouse’s handprints and the date you built the fire pit.

Such a great idea to make a project like this more meaningful. 

Natural Stone In Ground Fire Pit

This fire pit has a natural feel and it fits in nicely in a flat, open backyard. 

Wood Spool Fire Pit

The fire pit is a piece of art and will be unique to its maker, as mosaics tend to be. This table top fire pit would be great for a patio or deck.

Corner Fire Pit

This fire pit if perfect for the corner of your patio or even the corner of your yard. 

Campground Fire Pit

This fire pit looks like it could be found at a camp site. It’s organic style is great for a country backyard.

Another Campground Style Fire Pit

This similar design features larger rocks that probably don’t require any assembly besides being rolled together. 

Block Fire Pit

This block fire pit could be assembled with curved landscaping blocks and a metal fire pit in the center. The seating area really makes the space.

Stacked Stone Fire Pit

These smaller stones are smooth and softer looking. You still get the campground feel but with a pretty touch.

Cinder Block with Lava Rock

I may be a little bias, but this one is one of my favorites. Why? Because my husband built it himself at our home back in Ohio.

Before pouring the patio concrete, he had a gas line run from the house out to the fire pit.

This way, we could have a fire any time we wanted without the hassle of collecting firewood.

When we were feeling like roasting marshmallows over a backyard bonfire, we would build a fire in our fire ring. That classic fire pit was further back into the property.


Fire pits are so fun to look at, and there is no shortage of cool fire pit ideas!

To dress things up, consider adding outdoor string lights.

You can add a garden fire pit to your small garden, a tabletop or portable fire pit to your outdoor kitchen space or near your hot tub, or explore all of the in ground fire pit ideas above for your backyard.

The good news is that fire pits are highly customizable.

The wide range of style available for pre-made fire pits has grown a lot in the past several years, including options for wood fire pits and natural gas fire pits, stainless steel, and all different shapes and sizes.

No matter what type of party you’re having next, you can enjoy the crackling fire of a bonfire party and break out those graham crackers & marshmallows for some yummy s’mores!

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