Nestled in the heart of the scenic North Carolina mountains, our recent weekend retreat to the Dupont Yurts was nothing short of magical, even with the persistent rain that graced our adventure.

With the promise of mountain landscapes and tranquil surroundings, we had a weekend filled with cozy bonfires, grilled delights, and the soothing sounds of raindrops dancing on the yurt roof.

What are the Dupont Yurts

According to Terry and Sherry, the owners of The Dupont Yurts, this is an experience like camping in a tent but with the conveniences of a cabin, we call it Glamping!

The unique experience of staying in a luxury yurt in a quaint glampground is a memory everyone should make!

Parking access to DuPont State Forest trails is 1 mile from the yurts!

Several beautiful WNC waterfalls to see, and many trails to hike or ride.

These yurts each have AC, heat, a full kitchen (the Cascade Yurt has a kitchenette), a full bathroom, comfortable furniture, tv’s, outdoor seating, a grill, and a firepit with available wood to burn.

Yurting Bonfire Bliss and Grilled Delights

Our first night at Dupont Yurts kicked off with the warm glow of a crackling bonfire.

As the rain held off, we gathered around, toasting marshmallows and creating gooey s’mores that melted in our mouths.

The attached deck, complete with a grill, became our spot for a late dinner.

Grilled veggie burgers and quesadillas sizzled to perfection, filled the mountain air with delicious aromas. The deck, a haven for us, proved to be equally secure for our furry companions.

Bonus if you have pets – for a small fee, you can take your furry friends along on your yurt getaway.


Rainy Day Bonding:

When the rain finally made its entrance, our plans seamlessly shifted from outdoor escapades to cozy indoor bonding.

Card games and movie nights brought laughter and warmth to our yurt haven, creating lots of memories.

The sound of rain on the yurt’s canvas became our sleep music, wrapping us in a sense of tranquility.

Exploring Dupont Forest:

Before the rain became a constant companion, we seized the opportunity to explore the nearby wonders of Dupont Forest.

Waterfall-hopping became our daytime adventure, each cascade more breathtaking than the last. The beautiful trails, intensified by the rain, added a touch of enchantment to our exploration.

A Camping Kind of Morning:

We woke up early enough to catch the Blueridge Mountains sunrise, but we opted for coffee, first.

The morning after the rain, we set out to savor the delights of Dupont Forest once more. A pit stop at the Velvet Cup coffee truck became a delightful surprise.

Their aromatic coffee, refreshing smoothies, and fresh, hot donuts provided the perfect fuel for our continued adventures.


Our weekend at Dupont Yurts was a testament to the beauty of embracing nature in all its forms.

Rain or shine, the mountains whispered their secrets, and the yurts cradled us in comfort.

With memories of bonfires, laughter, and the melody of raindrops, we left with hearts full and spirits rejuvenated—a getaway to Dupont Yurts that will forever hold a special place in our mountain-loving souls.

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