Our Cheap DIY raised garden beds

Our Cheap DIY Raised Garden Beds | Part 1

Are you considering growing your own food?  If so, we are here to show you how we built our cheap DIY raised garden beds.  For less than $200, we were able to build a 12 x 6 u-shaped raised garden bed.  There are many great choices when planning for a garden.  From a unique garden …

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Riding Lawn Mower vs Zero Turn: The Pros and Cons

Are you trying to decide between a riding lawn mower vs zero turn mower? When considering buying a new lawn mower, there are important factors to keep in mind. We’re going to compare Riding Lawn Mowers vs Zero Turn mowers in detail in this blog post. We will also help you make an informed decision …

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The Best Time to Plant Grass in North Carolina

Wondering what the best time to plant grass in North Carolina is? We, too, have been wondering the same thing. After doing the research for our own yard, we want to share what we found with y’all. Planting grass at the right time can make all the difference in the health and appearance of your …

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25 Amazing Walkout Basement Backyard Ideas

Sometimes it’s hard to decide how to make a cool and functional transition from the inside of your house to the outside living spaces. If you’re looking for walkout basement backyard ideas to make the most of the space, you’re in luck. There are a variety of ways to make the most of your walkout …

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the best zero turn lawn mower for 2 acres

The Best Zero Turn Lawn Mower for 2 Acres

When you have a large yard, you need a good riding mower to make yard maintenance easier and less time consuming. We have a pretty large yard now since we moved to a new house, so it was important for us to find the best zero turn lawn mower for 2 acres with enough power …

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How to light up backyard without electricity

How To Light Up Backyard Without Electricity

When it comes to backyard lighting, electricity is typically the go-to solution. However, now that people are asking how to light up backyard without electricity. alternative solutions are readily available! What if you don’t have access to electricity? Do you want to go a more sustainable route? Even without electricity, you can still light up …

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black lava rock landscaping ideas

15 Black Lava Rock Landscaping Ideas

Black lava rock landscaping ideas are becoming increasingly popular. The decorative black rock adds a great contrast to the greens and other colorful plants and help them stand out. This decorative rock adds texture and makes for a beautiful display. Lava rock can be found in large boulders, small pieces, or even crushed. If you …

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landscaping ideas around septic tank

30 Landscaping Ideas Around Septic Tank

It’s time to tackle the septic tank landscaping project! Here are some landscaping ideas around septic tank and tips to help you get started. Landscaping adds value and beauty to your home’s exterior, but a septic tank can add an extra challenge. You can landscape around your septic tank, but you must carefully consider what …

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20 Best Shoes for Landscaping

Here are some of the best shoes for landscaping to help you tackle your outdoor projects. Creating an outdoor oasis or beautifying your backyard takes a lot of hard work. But, ask any landscaping pro, and they’ll tell you that having the right tools for the job makes things easier. And that doesn’t just mean …

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no till gardening steps to start your own no dig garden

No Till Gardening: 6 Easy Steps to Start

(Guest Author: Heather @ Second Chance Farm – Edited: Sarah @ Our Blue Ridge House) Once I started researching no till gardening, it made so much sense, and I wondered why I had not pursued it sooner for our own garden! Last year was our first year of managing a no-till garden and we really liked …

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