The Best Kayak for River Camping | 2023 Guide

River camping is a thrilling adventure that combines the serenity of kayaking with the allure of the great outdoors. When it comes to choosing the best kayak for river camping, several factors come into play, from storage capacity to comfort and stability. In this guide, we’ll navigate the waters of kayak options that are well-suited …

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The Best Family Kayak Picks | 2023

When it comes to selecting the best family kayak, you’re not just choosing a vessel; you’re opening the door to shared experiences, bonding moments, and memorable adventures. Family kayaking is a wonderful way to connect with your loved ones, immerse yourselves in nature, and create lasting memories that span generations. Whether you’re planning to paddle …

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The best dog friendly kayak options. Tandem kayaks, inflatable kayaks with room for dogs, and hardshell kayaks for small and big dogs.

The Best Dog Friendly Kayak Picks | 2023

If you’re like us, you enjoy bringing your dogs on adventures! So, in this kayaking series, it only makes sense to share these dog friendly kayak options with y’all. Imagine gliding across serene waters, the gentle lapping of waves against your kayak’s hull, and the joyful panting of your canine companion. Okay, that sounded intense, …

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Best budget kayak options, sit on kayaks, sit in kayaks, inflatable kayaks, hardshell kayaks, fishing kayaks, and tips for what to look forl #kayaks #kayaking

The Best Budget Kayak Options

If you’re looking for the best budget kayaks, join the club! We, too, are looking to spend more time on the water, and have been doing our research on the best budget kayak. Now, we’re ready to share what we’ve found with you! For those on a tight budget, (aren’t we all) finding the best …

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