How to Run Extension Cords from Generator Into House

You have a backup power source, and now you need to know how to run extension cords from generator into house. We’ve got you covered! Amid power outages, a portable generator stands as a beacon of hope. However, mishandling this backup power source can result in dire consequences. To illuminate the path to a secure …

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What Size Generator to Run a Space Heater

Welcome back to Our Blue Ridge House. Today, in our series about generators, we’re going to tackle a question that’s quite timely, especially as we gear up for the cold winter months: “What size generator to run a space heater?”  With power outages becoming increasingly common, having a reliable source of warmth is essential. Let’s …

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Generac vs Honda Generator | The Best Comparison Guide

Welcome back to the series about generators. Today, we will be looking at Generac vs Honda generator. Selecting the right generator is pivotal for ensuring a reliable power supply. With a plethora of options available, it’s essential to understand the features that set different brands apart. In this blog post, we’ll conduct an in-depth comparison …

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Best generators made in USA and best portable generators that are American made. #usa

11 Best Generators Made in USA

With major storms, unforeseen power outages, and rolling blackouts, generators made in USA are becoming a household essential.   Generators are not just machines; they’re lifelines that keep homes illuminated, businesses operational, and critical services running.  From compact portable units to heavy-duty industrial powerhouses, American manufacturers have been producing a wide range of generators that …

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