Easy DIY firepit step by step how to guide to build a bonfire ring in your backyard.

An Easy DIY Fire Pit | How To and Cost of Building

Building your very own DIY fire pit is an opportunity to transform your outdoor space. To show you, we’ll share with you just how we built ours and give you the best tips for getting started. We’ll explore everything you need to know, from selecting the perfect location and choosing the right materials to design …

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Can I have a campfire in my backyard? Difference between campfire and bonfire.

Can I Have a Campfire in My Backyard? | Fire Burning Tips

A campfire is an excellent way to bring friends and family together for a cozy evening around the fire, but you might be wondering, “Can I have a campfire in my backyard?” This is a good question because not everyone can have fires, at least not without some restrictions. It all depends on where you …

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backyard bonfire ideas

50 Backyard Bonfire Ideas

Whether it’s the warm glow of the bonfire, a small fire pit on your patio, or a little tabletop fire, there is no shortage of creative backyard bonfire ideas. The best way to get started on your fire pit goals is by looking through fire pit ideas. You may find a simple way to DIY …

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