Welcome to our first Colorado blog post where we help you plan your outdoor adventure, exploring the Red Rocks hiking trails Colorado.

The stunning Red Rocks Park offers an unforgettable experience with stunning landscapes and a variety of trails for all levels of hikers.

We recently returned from a week-long trip to this breathtaking destination, and we’re thrilled to share our experiences with you.

Whether you’re planning your first visit or returning to explore more, Red Rocks offers a variety of trails that cater to all ability levels. Let’s dive in!

Welcome to our first Colorado blog post where we help you plan your outdoor adventure, exploring the Red Rocks hiking trails Colorado.

Red Rocks Hiking Trails Colorado | By Level

Taking time to hike the trails at Red Rocks is a must for anyone visiting the area.

The Red Rocks hiking trails Colorado offer breathtaking views of the unique red rock formations, diverse wildlife sightings, and a serene escape from the hustle and bustle.

Hiking these trails allows you to connect with nature, experience the park’s geological wonders up close, and enjoy the tranquility that only a natural setting can provide.

Plus, it’s a great way to stay active and create lasting memories with friends and family.

Before we get started, it’s important to note the elevation at Red Rocks.

The elevation at Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre ranges from about 6,000 to 6,400 feet above sea level.

This high elevation contributes to the stunning views and unique experiences that the park offers.

However, if you’re not used to that elevation, know it may be difficult for you to breath and do the hiking trails.

We recommend spending time around the area for a couple days before heading to the trails. This will help you adjust to the elevation and hopefully avoid elevation sickness.

Easy Trails: Perfect for Beginners and Casual Hikers

1. Trading Post Trail

If you’re new to hiking or just looking for a leisurely stroll, the Trading Post Trail is an ideal place to start.

This 1.4-mile loop takes you through some of the most iconic red rock formations, providing stunning views at every turn.

Keep an eye out for mule deer and prairie dogs along the way!

2. Funicular Trail

This short hike is perfect for families and those looking to enjoy a quick but scenic trek.

Starting near the lower north parking lot, the trail offers gentle elevation gain and beautiful vistas of the surrounding rocky mountains and great plains.

3. Red Rock Rim Trail

Another excellent option for an easy hike, the Red Rock Rim Trail offers a relatively flat route with fantastic views of the park’s unique geology.

This trail is accessible from the lower level and provides a peaceful escape from the busier main red rocks trail.

Moderate Trails: For the More Adventurous Hikers

1. Dakota Ridge Trail

For those ready to tackle a bit more elevation gain, the Dakota Ridge Trail is a fantastic choice.

This trail offers moderate difficulty with rewarding views of the red rock formations and the Denver Mountain Park.

The ridge road section provides panoramic vistas, making it one of the best hikes in the area.

2. Morrison Slide Trail

The Morrison Slide Trail is another great hike for those seeking a bit more challenge.

With varied terrain and elevation changes, this trail offers a bit of everything.

The views from the top of the amphitheater are spectacular, and you might even spot some mountain bikers and horseback riders sharing the path.

3. Hogback Valley Trail

This trail, located on the east side of the park, provides a moderate challenge with beautiful scenery.

The quiet route takes you through diverse landscapes and offers opportunities to see wildlife in their natural habitat.

It’s a great place to experience the beauty of Red Rocks away from the crowds.

Challenging Trails: For the Experienced and Thrill-Seekers

1. Mt. Vernon Creek Trail

For a more strenuous hike, the Mt. Vernon Creek Trail offers significant elevation gain and rugged terrain.

This trail is perfect for experienced hikers looking for a challenge.

The views from the top are worth the effort, showcasing the expansive beauty of the great plains and the rocky mountains.

2. Intemann Trail

Located near the city of Colorado Springs, the Intemann Trail is a challenging hike that rewards adventurers with incredible views and a sense of accomplishment.

This trail takes you through varied landscapes, including red rock canyon open space and the famous garden of the gods area.

3. Jefferson County’s Matthews/Winters Park Trails

These trails offer a mix of challenging routes for seasoned hikers.

The elevation changes and rocky paths provide a rigorous workout, while the surrounding scenery, including dinosaur tracks and spectacular rock formations, makes it one of the best places for a hiking adventure.

Welcome to our first Colorado blog post where we help you plan your outdoor adventure, exploring the Red Rocks hiking trails Colorado.

👉 More Colorado Traveling Tips

Must-Visit Spots in Red Rocks Park

1. Red Rocks Amphitheatre

No trip to Red Rocks is complete without visiting this famous concert venue.

We had the pleasure of seeing two concerts here, and it was a truly unforgettable experience.

Be sure to check the schedule for concert days and plan your visit accordingly.

2. Red Rocks Visitor Center

Learn more about the park’s history and geology at the Visitor Center. It’s a great place to start your journey and pick up trail maps.

The visitor center is located just as you’re walking up to the amphitheater.

3. Trading Post Gift Shop

Stop by the gift shop for souvenirs and to learn about the area’s environmental education efforts.

While there, we purchased some Red Rocks merchandise, including shirts, playing cards, and stickers.

4. Ship Rock Grille

Grab a bite to eat at this fantastic place, located near the top of the amphitheater. The views alone make it worth the visit!

5. Colorado Music Hall of Fame

Celebrate the rich musical heritage of Colorado by honoring influential artists and preserving the state’s musical history.

Visitors can explore exhibits featuring memorabilia, biographies, and contributions of inductees like John Denver, Jimi Hendrix, Tool, Pearl Jam, and Earth, Wind & Fire.

Final Tips for Your Red Rocks Adventure

  • Parking: Free parking is available at various lots, including the upper north lot and the lower north lot. Arrive early, especially during the summer months and concert days, to secure a good parking spot.

  • Trailhead Directions: Use Colorado trail maps and look for trailhead directions to ensure you stay on the right path.

  • Safety: Always carry plenty of water, wear appropriate footwear, and be mindful of the weather conditions.

Red Rocks Park is truly an ideal place for outdoor enthusiasts of all levels.

Whether you’re seeking easy walks or challenging hikes, the park offers something for everyone.

Plan your trip, lace up your hiking boots, and get ready to explore one of Colorado’s most beautiful parks!

Happy hiking, and don’t forget to share your experiences with us. Tag us @ourblueridgehouse on your favorite social media account!

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Welcome to our first Colorado blog post where we help you plan your outdoor adventure, exploring the Red Rocks hiking trails Colorado.

Red Rocks Hiking Trails Colorado