When we bought our house, there were no closet shelving systems installed. And by no closet shelving systems, I mean nothing at all. Not even a bar to hang our clothes.

Our house, prior to us moving in, had recently been updated. Not fully remodeled, but it was move in ready. That, along with the property, was a major selling point to us.

There were, however, a few projects we knew we had to tackle as soon as we moved in. One of those being the closets. The bedrooms, bathroom, and hall closet were bare bones.

Here is how we tackled our closets while being mindful of our budget.

Bedroom Closet Organizers

When walking into the house, you see new, beautiful, doors with matte black door handles.

Our small closet shelving system

Perfect; right? Not so much. After opening the doors, you were greeted by nothing but freshly painted dry wall.

In the master bedroom, there are two small closets. Each closet is all of 4ft wide.

I’m no clothes junkie, but 4 ft doesn’t give you much room for even a standard wardrobe.

To make the most of the small closet space, we chose to get a closet hanging system that allowed for two hanging bars and shelving.

This simple solution allowed us to hang a basic wardrobe while offering some space for storage mid-level and up above.

Yes, I like to sort my clothes two ways. If you look hard enough, I bet you can guess.

Sorting clothes by sleeve length and color allows me to find my layering pieces quickly.

We have under the bed storage for extra seasonal clothing and accessories.

While this is my closet, I will spare you the view of my husband’s closet. He chose to hang only one bar, and has an amazon dresser at the bottom for extra storage.

Below is a quick before and after closet video on our YouTube channel.

Kid Closet

Now, let’s move on to our daughter’s closet. She was blessed with a larger closet than us. Her closet measures 8ft wide.

Since she, like most kids, has an abundance of miscellaneous things, we knew it was important to combine space for clothes and toys.

At the time of installation, we were still in the process of unboxing. Boxes were everywhere, and we weren’t sure of what we needed for storage.

For the time being, Travis simply hung one shelf and rod system. Then, we added the shelves, buckets, and stackable white drawers that we had from our apartment living days.

Friends often ask where we got the totes from. Those were purchased from Target years ago. Here are some black and white totes similar to those that I found on Amazon.

Bathroom Linen Closet Storage

Moving on, let’s take a peek inside our bathroom linen closet.

This, too, had nothing but freshly painted dry wall when we moved in.

Our previous house, in Ohio, was small. While living there, I became very clever at making the most out of small spaces.

To make the very most of this small bathroom closet, I envisioned multiple shelves for storing all the bathroom things as well as extra linens.

This is NOT the final solution, but it gives you an idea of where we are starting.

Travis installed the 4 shelves. Three of them are 16″ deep, and the top one is 12″ deep.

If you are storing things all the way up, be sure to account for the space you need between the door frame and the shelf. The extra 4″ allows us to squeeze extra blankets and sheets up to the top shelf.

Down below, we made sure to leave enough room for a tall hamper.

In the future, I will have better storage containers resting on the shelves. For now, with our budget, we are using the totes and buckets we already had.

Last, but not least, let’s look at our hallway closet.

Hallway Closet Organization

This entry closet is my favorite transformation. It is our only storage closet in the house, so we had to make the most out of the space provided.

When we moved in, we brought this amazon shoe organizer with us from the apartment. It holds so many shoes, is lightweight, and is easy to clean. I knew it was going to be incorporated into the closet design.

Travis hung two hanging rods for coats. At the top, he ran the shelf all the way over for extra storage.

To the right of the shoes, you can see some duct work. This space, all the way up, was designated for family games.

Although it’s not a pinterest worthy picture, here is a look at the final closet makeover.

Thanks for sticking around to check out how we created small closet organization on a budget.

If, in the future, we decide to do a fancy closet organization system, we will share that with y’all, too.

Be sure to check out Shelving.Com for more shelving solutions for the home, office, or industrial setting.

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