It’s almost Fall and that means sweater weather! Yay, break out that favorite sweater! It’s time to think about how to organize sweaters for the Fall and Winter months.

Sweaters are one of those items that can take up a lot of space and you never really know the best way to store them in your closet.

Should they be folded, hung, or stored in a box? How do you keep your stacks neat or prevent damage to your sweaters without hiring a professional organizer? What if you have a small closet and don’t have much extra space? What if you have a bunch of bulky sweaters?


Creating a storage method that works for your space and your belongings can be a challenge.

We’re all working with different size spaces with different options. Some people have tons of space for hanging clothes but not enough drawer space. Others need more space for hanging but have to use things like sweater bins instead.

The good news is, we’re going to talk about all that and more as we discuss how to organize sweaters.

Storage Systems for Sweaters


Creating a storage system for your sweaters is a process of analyzing what you have, compared to the space you have to put it in, and basically figuring out how to make it work. Your storage system will be unique to your sweaters, your space, and your preferences. 

There are so many different ways to organize your closet systems. Sometimes you just need to get a little creative.

Step one for creating a sweater storage system

The first step is looking at your sweater collection and deciding if all your sweaters are staying.

It’s a great idea to first get rid of anything you probably won’t be wearing. When it comes to sweaters, which can tend to be bulkier closet items and take up a lot of space, the fewer the better. So make sure the sweaters you have are all sweaters you’ll use.

Step two for creating a sweater storage system

Once you’ve narrowed down your sweater collection, it’s time to decide what type of organization will work best for you. Will you organize by color, style, or weight? Choose whatever makes the most sense for your thought process when you’re picking out an outfit. 

Step three for creating a sweater storage system

Focus on maximizing the space and resources you have access to.

Even if you don’t have much space, you can make it work for you. Shelves, rods, and the size of your space are all things to consider.

Pay attention to any negative space. Do you have extra space between the ceiling and your clothing rods? Could a shelf be added there? If you do decided to add a shelf to that space, can you add dividers or storage containers to house your sweaters?

It’s very possible that in the process of trying to find a space for your sweaters, you may be inspired to completely reorganize your closet. 

Don’t say we didn’t warn you! Tidy closets are so much less stressful than an unorganized, messy closet.

Storing Cashmere Sweaters


Cashmere sweaters are more of an investment than a less delicate sweater and should be cared for a little differently.

Cashmere can last a really long time if handled appropriately. That goes for where you keep them and how you wear them. When storing cashmere sweaters you should consider these things:

  • Cashmere should be folded carefully to prevent snagging and wrinkling
  • It should be in a climate-controlled room where moisture and mildew can’t damage it
  • It should not be hung as that will damage the sweater
  • Consider a storage bag made specifically for cashmere


Storage Bins and Other Options for Closet Space


Depending on your space, the type of closet you have, the number and kind of sweaters you own, and more, your options for sweater storage ideas will vary.

Dresser drawer storage

Maybe you live in a milder climate and you just have some light sweaters for those slightly chillier temperatures. They’re probably thin and don’t take up a ton of space. If this is the case, try storing them in a dresser drawer.

Thin sweaters are ideal for drawer storage because they stack nicely and you can fit a good number of them into a small space. This also works well if you only have a few sweaters, whatever their size.

Neatly folding and tucking them away in a drawer is ideal to protect them as well.

Pull-out Shelves

Pull-out shelves are a nice way to stack sweaters but keep them neat and organized.

These can come built into a closet kit or you can use pull-out shelf baskets.


When you want to pull one out, you can slide out the shelf and neatly remove one from the stack. It makes ordering easier and prevents having to refold the other sweaters in your stacks.


The type of hangers you use matters. Actually, hanger type is the most important thing if you’ll be hanging your sweaters.

You’ve probably heard or experienced wire hangers are a no-no when it comes to hanging sweaters.

Hung like a normal shirt, a sweater can get stretched out and damaged from a hanger, even the nice cloth hangers. This is because sweaters tend to be heavy and, especially a loosely knit sweater, will stretch around the neck and shoulders.

Unless the sweater is lightweight, tight-knit, and hung on a padded hanger, you should avoid hanging it the normal way a shirt is hung. 


Damage from stretching can be permanent and something you definitely want to avoid. However, for some people, hanging their sweaters is their only viable option in the space they have.

Luckily, there is a different way sweaters can be hung. You read that right, a sweater hanging secret hack!

Folding your sweater in half long ways and draping it over the hanger is a safe option. If you’ve ever had a sweater professional cleaned at the dry cleaners, this is how they will return it to you.

This is also a space-saving option, as long as your sweaters aren’t big and bulky. You could always hang the thinner sweaters and stack the bulkier ones. 

Use these anti-slip hangers to keep your sweaters from sliding off.

Shelf dividers

Shelf dividers are a great way to organize stacks of sweaters and maximize shelf space.

To make it easier to find what you need without having to dig through your stacks too much, organize them by style, size, color, weight, etc. Whatever makes the most sense to you.

Acrylic shelf dividers make for a clean look because you can’t even really see them.


Storage Drawers

If you have the floor space, a stack of storage drawers can be a good option for sweater storage. These come in all different shapes, sizes, and colors.


You can even get clear storage drawers to make it easier to see what you have inside so you don’t have to be pulling them open all the time to find what you’re looking for. You can stack multiple sets on top of each other or side by side for even more storage space.

Storage Bins

This might not be the most visually pleasing option for your sweater storage, but if you’re lacking in closet space and you have some extra room under your bed or in an additional closet somewhere else, this might be a good option.

Storing sweaters in storage bins can also save you the trouble of switching out a big portion of your summer and winter wardrobes, if that’s something you have to do based on the space you have available.


Storage bins can be found in all different shapes and sizes, which makes them ideal for customizing for your space.

Drawer Organizers

If you’re working with a dresser with overside drawers, you can use drawer organizers to separate and neatly stack your sweaters.

Many drawer organizers are customizable and you can place them in the drawer in a way that fits the size and shape of the things you’re storing in the drawer.

Drawer organizers, like shelf dividers, prevent you from messing up your other stacks of sweaters when you pull one out of a stack. They keep things neat and organized so there’s less work for you to do on a regular basis.

Storage Baskets

If you have a lot of floor space you can use large woven or wire baskets to store your sweaters.

These can be used for different items in different seasons. Perfect if you are one to change out the clothing in your closet with the seasons, and store off-season items.

Baskets are one of the best options for heavy sweaters that are bulkier and harder to stack neatly. Just fold sweaters and place in the baskets, simple as that!

Clothing Organizer Cubes

These freestanding clothing organizer cubes are good for organizing just about any piece of clothing. These would be ideal for small items like light sweaters.


You can put these in the back of your closet in the floor if you have the extra floor space. They can even be stacked if they need to be, or placed in a cube shelf.

Sweater Bags


If you need to clear up some space in your closets in the spring and summer, the easiest way is to use sweater bags for your sweater storage.


These are great for sweater preservation and space-saving as well, as long as you have a different location you can stash them.

Space bags are a great option too because you can suck the air out of them so they take up even less space and keep your sweaters dry.

Before you store your sweaters for the off-season, take these steps:

  • Wash and dry all sweaters completely before storing them. If your sweaters aren’t completely dry, they will hold onto that moisture and it will create mildew and damage to your sweaters. The longer they are in storage that way, the worse they’ll get. No one wants stinky sweaters.
  • It is best to store sweaters folded in a cool, dry location. A breathable fabric bag is great for a climate-controlled area. Otherwise, an airtight container is the next best option. 
  • Even if your sweaters are in an airtight container, consider storing them under your bed or in another closet rather than in a hot or damp area like your attic or basement. 
  • It may be tempting to skip the expense of storage containers or sweater bags and opt for cardboard boxes or garbage bags for sweater storage, but this would be a mistake if you want to prolong the use of your beloved sweaters!

More Tips for How to Organize Sweaters


Roll instead of folding

Rolling sweaters and placing them rolled end up in a drawer or basket is an easy access hack and may save space or help you get a better glance at what you have without digging through.

Labeled Bins

If you’re using bins, especially stackable pins, try sorting by style (crew neck, v-neck, cardigan) and labeling each bin so you don’t have to pull them all out to see what’s inside. This simple method saves time and keeps your sweaters super organized.

Stack vertically in draws/bins

Stacking folded sweaters is probably the most space-saving option. But it makes a mess to go through these stacks when you’re using drawers or bins. Instead of stacking one on top of the other, try stacking vertically so that your sweaters are all visible when you open the drawer or bin. 

Add hanging shelves

Hanging shelves can be added to your closet rods and give you much more space to store your sweaters.


These shelves are easily removed when they aren’t needed, making them a great option for seasonal clothes like sweaters. If you don’t need the space when you store your sweaters for the off-season, you can take down the hanging shelves and collapse for easy storage.

Visit a container store

If you’re still wondering if they is a more perfect fit for organizing your sweaters in your specific closet, try visiting a container store or checking one out online. Sometimes you don’t know what you need until you see it.

The bottom line is, you don’t need a fancy sweater organizer in your bedroom closet to organize your sweaters. You can get creative with your space, no matter how big or small, there are different systems that will work. Use these ideas and get creative to find your perfect solution to sweater organization!

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