Does a woman in your life love to hike? If so, you’ll want to check out these best hiking gifts for her.

Hiking is an incredible way to get fit, relieve stress, return to nature, and enjoy the great outdoors. But if you’re a hiker, then you know trying to hike with the wrong equipment can quickly turn a fun experience into a nightmare.


If you love hiking or know someone who does, then a gift to help them follow their passion is a great choice. Whether it’s for your partner, mom, sister, aunt, best friend, or yourself (hey, there’s nothing wrong with some self-indulgence), here are 65 hiking gifts for her, sure to please.

Gifts for a Backpacking Trip


Hiking comes in many forms, from a simple two-mile hike to a more strenuous day trip to overnight explorations. Backpacking means she’ll need more essentials to stay safe and comfortable overnight.

Often, when it comes to backpack hiking, this means camping out in a tent once the sun starts to go down. Then, bright-and-early the next day, the hike resumes.

Here are some useful gifts for the avid hiker who loves being in the woods.

Earthing Shoes for Grounding

Many hikers know the benefits of walking barefoot, but have to wear something to protect their feet on the trails.

These minimalist earthing shoes have a zero drop sole and allow grounding!


Hiking Fanny Pack

This stylish hiking fanny pack is great to keep your hands-free. It has multiple compartments, a water bottle holder, and reflective details for safety.


Pee Cloth

This reusable, microbial pee cloth ensures you keep hygiene a top priority. (Even when you need to squat to pee.) The Kula Cloth is a popular brand, but these are highly rated, too.


Garmin In-Reach Satellite Communicator

This Garmin handheld device can access the latest weather forecast, download maps, provide two-way texting, and more. You can also send an SOS alert if the need arises.


LED Headlamp

It’s important to maintain visibility when you’re in the wilderness. As the sun goes down and you start to make camp, ensure you can see things clearly while keeping things hands-free. This LED headlamp is a must have for all women hikers.

Water Purifier Bottle

When it’s time to refill the water supply, it’s essential to make sure it’s safe to drink. This lightweight, on-the-go filtration bottle makes it possible to have clean, drinkable water anywhere. Everyone loves a new water bottle!


Lightweight Sleeping Pad

Keep things comfy, dry, and easy to carry with a lightweight sleeping pad. It’s a must for extended hikes, day trips, and overnight adventures. This isn’t your typical, bulky, sleeping bag.


Adjustable Trekking Poles

If you plan to navigate some tough terrain or just need some extra support, try these adjustable trekking poles. These hiking poles are lightweight, easy to hold, and collapse to only 24.5 inches for easy portability.

Large Capacity and Stylish Backpack

Of course, you can’t go backpacking without a backpack. This large backpack lots of compartments to find things quickly.


Gifts for Long-Distance Hikers


Many times, backpackers engage in long-distance hiking, which can take days to weeks or more. Help her go the distance with these top gift picks for long-distance hikers.

It takes a long time to plan for long hikes. A unique gift, such as the ones below, would be an added bonus when packing up.

Emergency Knife

If your long-distance hike finds you climbing and getting into some tough situations, a backpacking knife comes in handy.

Non-Slip Hair Bands

These non-slip wide hair bands are perfect for her to keep her hair off her face on a hot day.


Large Bear Canister

Don’t unwillingly share your food with the wildlife. Plus, you don’t want your tasty morsels to attract unwelcome visitors. A bear canister keeps your grub safe and secure. Plus, it’s sturdy enough to double as a stool.

Coffee Dripper

Just because she’s out in the great outdoors for multiple days doesn’t mean she needs to give up all the luxuries. She can still enjoy her morning cup of joe that helps get her going with this pour-over coffee dripper.


Four-Season Easy-Setup Tent

When you plan to stay outside overnight, a secure, durable tent is an absolute necessity. But who wants to mess around too long with popping up a tent? Get her this easy setup option that’s just right for any weather.


Ultralight Camping Stove

When you’re hiking for a long distance, you don’t want to add too much weight to your back. Keep things as comfortable as possible with this super-light camping stove.

Practical Gifts for Outdoorsy Women


If she loves the great outdoors, giving her a gift that helps her enjoy it even more is a no-brainer.

Monocular Scope

Does she like to take pictures on the trail? If so, this monocular scope with phone tri-pod will allow her to get pictures up close. When she doesn’t want to take pictures, she can use the scope to check things out from afar.


A Useful Book: 100 Parks, 5,000 Ideas

This Parks book is a great way for any outdoor lover to plan some new and exciting adventures. It explores the city, state, and national parks throughout the US and Canada.


REI Gift Card

If you’re not sure what she already has, a gift card allows her to spoil herself. She can get exactly what she needs (or what she really wants) with a gifts card to the outdoor-store powerhouse — REI.

National Park Pass

The America the Beautiful National Parks and Federal Recreational Lands Pass gives her access to over 2,000 recreation sites throughout the USA. She can use it for amenity and day-use fees covering herself and fellow passengers.

Adventure Tank Top

Any hiker would appreciate a new adventure awaits tee.


Burt’s Bees Hand Salve

Spending time outside, pitching tents, starting fires, gathering firewood, and other activities can lead to some sore, dry hands. Help her keep her hands smooth and feeling good with Burt’s Bees Hand Salve.


Base Layer Shirt and Pants

When you’re hiking, it’s all about staying comfortable and safe so you can make the most of your adventure.

A comfy base layer shirt is just the thing to help her keep cool in the summer and stay warm in the winter.

Don’t forget about the bottom half when you give her the perfect hiking clothes. Base layer pants help keep her dry and comfy, no matter the weather.

Waterproof Hiking Journal

If your hiker friend loves to record her favorite things while on the trail, a waterproof hiking journal would make a great hiking gift.


It’s also a good idea to write personal information, such as name and emergency contact numbers. No hiker wants something to happen, but it’s important to plan ahead.

Sun Hat

The top of your head is a sensitive place, and many people forget to protect their scalp from the sun’s powerful rays. A sun hat not only protects your head but also shields your eyes from the glare. Plus, it comes with a ponytail hole, so she can pull her hair back without messing with the hat’s fit.

Hike More, Worry Less Mug

This hiking mug is perfect for camping trips for sitting on the back patio.


Gifts for Winter Hikes

Hiking when it’s chilly to freezing outside is a whole other ballgame. If she plans to take a winter hike or two, help her prepare with these hiking gifts.

Beanie with Headlamp

Don’t switch out that cozy hat for a headlamp; get both in one with this comfy hat. It helps her keep her hands free and her head warm while she sets up camp in the dark.

Insulated Food Jar

Nothing’s better than a hot cup of cocoa or some hot soup on a cold day. This insulated mug keeps things steamy for up to 15 hours.


Leg Gaiters

Don’t let water or snow get into her boots; talk about a miserable hiking experience. These leg gaiters ensure that her footsies and legs stay warm, toasty, and dry.

Water-Repellant Gloves

Nobody wants wet, freezing fingers while they’re trying to enjoy nature. Not to mention safety should be a top priority. A pair of cozy, practical gloves are a must for any winter hike.

Down Trail Quilt

She can wrap up and stay warm with this backpacking down quilt It’s perfect for keeping her snug and cozy so she can rest up for the next day.


Practical Hiking Gifts for Her

Whether she’s a seasoned hiker or a beginner, she needs certain essentials. If you need some inspiration for practical hiking gifts for her, look no further.

Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

This lightweight, waterproof Bluetooth speaker is perfect for her to listen to tunes on the trail. She can just clip it onto her backpack and go!


Durable and Tough Socks

If anyone tells you it doesn’t matter what socks you wear on a hike — they’re wrong. Durable, comfortable socks are essential for any hike. Wool socks are great to keep in a hiking backpack for the cold weather.


Lightweight, Water-Resistant Jacket

When you start venturing into the woods, it can get pretty cool, even on a sunny day when you’re under the cover of the trees. And when the sun starts to go down, the chill in the air ramps up. A lightweight jacket is a must to keep body temperature in a comfortable zone.


Mosquito and Tick Repellant

This one really needs no explanation — who wants to get bitten up by pests when they’re trying to have fun? Protect her from bites, frustration, and diseases with an effective repellant.


Waterproof Hiking Boots

If she’s a hiker, then she needs excellent hiking boots. Make sure they’re waterproof, durable, and the right fit. The proper shoes can keep her going for miles and miles.



A good multi-tool is an excellent addition to a hiker’s pack. This one includes an emergency whistle and a fire starter, among other essentials.

Emergency Survival and First Aid Kit

Any hiker, no matter if it’s a couple of miles or over 2,000 (Hello, Appalachian Trail!), needs a first-aid kit and basic survival gear. It’s all about putting safety first.

Gifts for Off-Trail Hiking

Is the hiker in your life a bit more daring? If she likes to go off the beaten path and explore uncharted territory, wrap up some of these gifts.

Precision Compass

Hiking requires some sense of direction, and if she plans to go on some extended treks, a good compass is a must. A high-quality compass is especially crucial if she’s into off-trail hiking.

Hydration Pack Bladder

Don’t miss a beat when you’re navigating uncharted territory — stay hydrated without having to slow down. This BPA-free pack holds 3 liters of water.

Pee Buddy

When bushwhacking, who knows where she might need to stop when nature calls. If she doesn’t think it’s safe to squat, the pee buddy lets her stand her ground while she does what needs to be done.

Water Purification Tablets

Charting your own course often means you don’t know when you’ll end up coming upon a water source. If you need to get it while you can, make sure it’s safe to drink. These purification tablets are a must.

Emergency Whistle

If you’re not following a trail, you increase your odds of getting turned around or separated from your group. An emergency whistle comes in handy to help find each other when things get a bit mixed up.

Survival Bandana

This survival bandana is a fun and practical gift, serving as a marker and handy reference guide. It’s also bright orange, making it the perfect piece for her to wear to stay visible when she’s in unknown territory.

Hiking Gifts for Women and Their Canine Companions

Hiking with friends and family is fun, but some women like the peace that a solo hike brings. However, for those that don’t want to be completely alone, their four-legged friend soon becomes their go-to hiking partner. If she likes to bring Fido along on her hikes, she’ll need a few extra supplies.

Pack of Carabiners

These clip-on hooks are useful for keeping multiple things within easy reach.  Clip together a water bowl. poop bags, etx.

Dog First-Aid Kit

Make sure Fido stays safe, too, with a pup-approved first-aid kit.

Dog Pad

You wouldn’t want to sleep or sit on the cold-wet ground, and your pooch doesn’t either. Let your pup rest comfortably on this dog pad.

Rechargeable Safety Necklace

This colorful light-up collar helps ensure her pup stays visible even when it gets dark.

Harness with Pockets

Let her furry friend do some of the heavy lifting. This harness comes with pockets so Fido can help carry some essentials.

Collapsible Dog Bowl

This lightweight, collapsible bowl pops open easily when it’s time for a water break or doggy meal. And it easily clips to a backpack for easy access.

Great Stocking Stuffers for Hikers

Want to fill her stocking with something she can use on her next hiking excursion? Whether it’s for day hikes or the pacific crest trail, here are some best gift ideas to get you started.

Joshua Tree Lip Balm

A high-quality lip balm is a must when you’re spending extended periods outdoors. Joshua Tree lip balm moisturizes lips while also providing all-important sun protection.

Potty Trowel

For a comical spin on your stocking stuffers but still practical, a lightweight trowel does the trick. It’s just right for digging the perfect hole in the ground cause when you gotta go–you gotta go.

Polarized Sunglasses

These polarized glasses block 100% of UVA and UVB rays, keeping her peepers safe and sound. Plus, they don’t slip or bounce, making them perfect for a vigorous hike. The lenses also help reduce glare, making it easy to stay on the right path.


Compass Necklace

Stylish and functional, this pretty necklace is the perfect gift for your favorite hiker. It provides basic navigation functions, making it a great gift for beginner trekkers or simple hikes.

Pocket Blanket

A durable, waterproof blanket that fits in the palm of your hand — perfect for a hiking adventure. It unfolds to fit two adults or four kids comfortably.

Portable Phone Charger

Even in the middle of nowhere, some hikers still want to have their phones. Whether it’s to snap pics, log the journey, or for any other reason, a portable charger can keep her phone lasting longer.

A Few Extra Ideas for Hiking Gifts for Her

Still not sure what to get for your favorite hiker? Here are a few extra ideas to give you even more options for the perfect gift.


The Best Gifts for Women Hiking with Kids

Planning a hiking adventure with kids is an adventure in itself. It’s likely going to start out small, but if all goes well, it could start to last longer. Undoubtedly, she’ll need to pack a few extra things to keep things going smoothly.

Check out these items to keep kids amused, safe, and comfortable on a hike. From waterproof paper notebooks to stuffed animals that can clip to their backpacks and offer a sense of security.

Top Gifts for a Romantic Hike

A hiking trip for two? Have some wine, eat a fun snack, play a game, then cozy up in a hammock made for two. If romance is in the air, here are a few things to help keep things spicy.

Gifts for Urban Hikers

Hiking doesn’t always mean you’re in the middle of the woods. Urban hiking has become increasingly popular, involving long bouts of time exploring cities on foot. It’s a mix of experiencing what the city has to offer, including aspects of nature throughout the urban landscape.

Gift Guides, such as this, are meant to help you find a thoughtful gift for your favorite outdoor enthusiast.

By now, you undoubtedly have several perfect gift ideas in mind for the hiker in your life. No matter what kind of hiking she’s into, you can find what she needs to make the most of any adventure.

Are you a hiking enthusiast? What’s your favorite kind of hiking? Ever found yourself without a necessity and had to get creative? Share in the comments?

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