Welcome back to our hiking series – where we’re talking about everything trail related, from hiking etiquette to the best protein bars!

Whether you’re a seasoned trekker or a newbie to the trails, there’s something magical about escaping into nature, breathing in the fresh air, and feeling the crunch of leaves beneath your boots.

Welcome back to our hiking series - where we're talking about everything trail related, from hiking etiquette to the best protein bars!

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But hold onto your hats (and your hydration packs), because today we’re diving into the unspoken code of conduct that governs the hiking world: trail etiquette!

Basic Hiking Etiquette

In all seriousness, hiking etiquette is essential for promoting a positive and harmonious outdoor experience while protecting the natural environment.

Afterall, we want to foster a sense of respect and responsibility among us awesome hikers; right?

Rule #1: Leave No Trace (Except for Your Epic Selfies)

Imagine walking through a pristine forest, the sunlight dappling through the trees canopy, when suddenly you stumble upon… a food wrapper? A rogue energy gel packet? No, no, and a thousand times no!

Leave No Trace is the golden rule of hiking, which basically means, “If you pack it in, pack it out.”

Mother Nature didn’t sign up for your litterbug tendencies, so be a responsible hiker and keep those trails trash-free.

Taking a grocery bag is a great way to keep your trash contained until you make it back to the car.

And hey, if you’re like us and like to document your journey with a selfie stick, just make sure you’re not trampling delicate flora or hogging the trail like a celebrity on the red carpet.

Rule #2: Mind Your Manners (and Your Volume)

There’s nothing like the sound of silence… unless you’re on a hike with a group of chatty Cathys who think they’re auditioning for a Broadway musical.

Look, we get it, the great outdoors is a fantastic backdrop for swapping stories and belting out show tunes, but remember that not everyone shares your enthusiasm for renditions of “The Sound of Music.”

Keep your voices down, especially in areas where wildlife might be trying to catch some shut-eye, and save the karaoke for the campfire later.

This also goes for bluetooth speakers. Typically, most hikers want to hear the sounds of nature…not Cody Jinks latest tune.

Yes, a little Trevor Hall or Cody Jinks might get you through the difficult trail, but be mindful of others!

Welcome back to our hiking series - where we're talking about everything trail related, from hiking etiquette to the best protein bars!

Rule #3: Uphill Has the Right of Way (Because Karma Is Real)

Ah, the eternal struggle of the trail: you’re huffing and puffing your way up a steep incline, sweat pouring down your face like you just ran a marathon in a sauna, when suddenly you encounter a downhill hiker skipping merrily in the opposite direction.

Cue the awkward dance of trying to squeeze past each other without plunging off the side of the mountain.

Here’s the deal, folks: uphill hikers have the right of way. Why? Because gravity is already kicking their butts, and the last thing they need is to break their stride for a downhill cruiser.

So step aside, show some love for your fellow trailblazers, and remember that what goes up must eventually come down (preferably without any collisions).

Rule #4: Share the Trail (and Maybe Some Trail Mix)

Hiking trails are like communal highways for nature lovers, cyclists, equestrians, and everyone in between.

That means it’s your civic duty to share the path with all manner of outdoor enthusiasts, from hikers with poles taller than Gandalf to mountain bikers tearing up the terrain like they’re auditioning for the X Games.

Keep an eye out for your fellow travelers, yield when necessary, and maybe offer a friendly nod or a “Howdy!” as you pass by.

After all, we’re all just adventurers on this crazy journey called life… or, in this case, a really long hike.

Rule #5: Respect Wildlife (Because Bambi Doesn’t Want to Be Your BFF)

Repeat after me: wildlife is not your personal Disney movie.

Sure, spotting a deer or a bear or a Bigfoot (hey, you never know) can be the highlight of your hike, but that doesn’t give you license to play Dr. Dolittle and try to strike up a conversation.

Keep your distance, resist the urge to feed the critters your leftover granola bars.

And for the love of all things wild, never, ever approach a mama animal and her babies unless you want to experience firsthand what it’s like to be on the wrong end of a nature documentary.

Rule #6: Be Patient With the Kids

Whether you are hiking with kids or come across other families who are, be patient with the children.

👉 One way to help the kids get through their hike is to give them a free scavenger hunt checklist.

Even when we aren’t hiking with the kids, I keep some of these in my backpack to hand out to kids along the way.

Conclusion: Hiking Etiquette

So there you have it, folks: the unwritten rules of hiking, served up with a side of sass and a sprinkle of common sense.

Now go forth, conquer those trails, and remember to always leave the wilderness better than you found it. And hey, if you happen to run into Bigfoot out there, tell him I said hi.

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👉 Grab your FREE HIKING CHECKLIST before hitting the trails!

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Welcome back to our hiking series - where we're talking about everything trail related, from hiking etiquette to the best protein bars!