Looking to add a stylish yet functional touch to your bathroom? Look no further than this DIY bathroom towel rack made with square dowel rods!

With just a few materials and simple tools, you can create a towel rack that not only helps keep your bathroom organized but also adds a chic accent to the space.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the process using four 1x1x36 square dowel rods, making precise cuts, assembling with nails or screws, and staining for a stunning finish.

The Viral TikTok – Make Your Own Simple Towel Rack

TikTok has become a treasure trove of DIY inspiration, and one of the most popular projects making the rounds lately is the DIY bathroom towel rack.

If you’re looking to add both functionality and flair to your bathroom, this project is for you. From towel bars to antique hooks, there’s a wide range of styles and techniques to explore.

In this post, we’ll walk you through creating your own TikTok-inspired towel rack, perfect for adding a touch of personality to your space.


This $20 towel rack would be great for a bathroom, gym or pool space or anywhere really you need towel storage! The details are below & more details, pics + dimensions will be in stories. LIKE,SAVE,FOLLOW, & SHARE 😊🛠️ TOWEL RACK DETAILS: * 4 – 1x1x36 square dowel rods * Cuts – 2 pieces, 9” long & 4 pieces 4.5” long (two of the rods you won’t cut 👌🏻) * Assemble- I used 1.5” Brad nails but you could also use trim head screws. * Stain- I used a mix of early American & sedona red by Minwax #easydiy #diybathroom #diyhomeimprovement #diyhomedecor #homeimprovementprojects #storagesolutions #bathroomstorage #simplediy #budgetfriendly #budgetdiy #stoppinningstartdoing #diyhome

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Materials Needed for Wooden DIY Towel Holders:

Gathering materials at the hardware store is an exciting adventure, filled with the promise of turning DIY dreams into reality. 

From selecting lumber to browsing through fasteners and paint, every aisle holds the potential to bring your project to life. Back at home, armed with your treasures, you dive into your DIY project with gusto.

 Despite challenges, the sense of accomplishment when seeing your vision come to life is unparalleled. Completing your own projects isn’t just about saving money—it’s about the joy of creation and the satisfaction of transforming your space.

 So, next time you’re at Home Depot or Lowes, remember: you’re not just shopping for your supply list, you’re investing in your ability to turn dreams into reality.

DIY Bathroom Towel Rack Instructions:

1. Measure and Cut

Begin by making precise cuts on your square dowel rods.

Cut two pieces to 9 inches long and four pieces to 4.5 inches long. Remember, two of the rods will remain uncut to serve as the main bars of the towel rack.

2. Assemble and Frame

Using the 9-inch and 4.5-inch pieces, assemble the frame of the towel rack. You can use brad nails or trim head screws to secure the pieces together. Make sure the frame is sturdy and well-aligned.

3. Attach the Main Bars

Place the uncut dowel rods horizontally across the frame to serve as the main bars of the towel rack. Secure them in place using brad nails or screws, ensuring they are evenly spaced and parallel to each other.

Don’t want to make the towel rack? You can purchase one on Amazon.

4. Finishing Touches

Once the frame and main bars are securely assembled, it’s time to apply the stain.

Mix early American and sedona red stains by Minwax or use your preferred combination to achieve the desired color.

Apply the stain evenly to the towel rack using a brush or cloth, following the manufacturer’s instructions.

Allow the stain to dry completely before moving on to the next step.  You don’t want wet stain seeping into your bath towels. 

5. Mounting the Rack

Once the stain is dry, you can mount the towel rack on the bathroom wall using screws or wall anchors.

Make sure to use a level to ensure the rack is straight before securing it in place.

6. Enjoy Your New Towel Rack

With the towel rack securely mounted on the wall, you can now hang your bathroom towels with ease.

Admire your handiwork and enjoy the added functionality and style it brings to your space.

You can find this wooden towel rack on Amazon.

With a little bit of creativity and DIY know-how, you can transform your bathroom with a personalized towel rack that reflects your style.

Whether you prefer a sleek and modern design or a rustic, farmhouse-inspired look, there’s a DIY towel rack idea on TikTok to suit every taste. So why not give it a try and elevate your bathroom with this fun and practical project? 

More Bathroom Towel Rack Ideas

While the above towel display idea is cute and practical, there are many other DIY towel rack ideas you can try out.


These, or simply towel hooks, are a great addition to a guest bathroom, new house, in a small bathroom, or in a master bathroom.  

If you take the time to complete your woodworking projects with attention to detail, you can beautiful storage for your extra towels.  

1. Rope Towel Holder:

Replace traditional towel bars with lengths of thick rope for a nautical-inspired towel hanging solution.

Simply knot the rope securely to create loops for hanging towels, then attach to the wall with hooks or wall-mounted brackets.

You can find these directions here 👉 Easy DIY Bathroom Hand Towel Holder

2. Vintage Picture Frame Rack: 

Upcycle an old picture frame into a charming towel rack by attaching hooks or knobs to the bottom edge. Hang the frame horizontally on the wall and use the knobs to hang towels.

You can also paint or distress the frame for a shabby chic look.

3. Pallet Board Towel Rack: 

Repurpose a wooden pallet board into a rustic towel rack by sanding and staining it to your desired finish.

Attach hooks or knobs along the bottom edge to hang towels, then mount the pallet board to the wall using screws or brackets.

4. Leather Strap Towel Holder: 

For a minimalist and modern look, use leather straps as towel holders.

Secure the straps to the wall with screws or adhesive hooks, then hang towels by looping them through the straps. This adds a touch of sophistication to any bathroom.

5. Ladder Towel Rack: 

Repurpose an old wooden ladder or build one from scratch using wooden dowels or rungs. Lean the ladder against the wall and use the rungs to hang towels at different heights.

This is not only functional but also adds a decorative element to the space.

6. Industrial Pipe Towel Bar: 

Create an industrial-chic towel rack using metal pipes and fittings. Assemble the pipes and fittings into a bar shape, then mount it to the wall using floor flanges.

This rugged yet stylish towel rack is perfect for a modern or industrial-themed bathroom.

7. Floating Shelf with Towel Bar: 

Install a floating shelf on the bathroom wall and attach a towel bar underneath for extra towel storage. T

his space-saving solution is ideal for small bathrooms and provides a convenient place to store both towels and toiletries.

8. Coat Rack Towel Holder: 

Repurpose a coat rack into a towel holder by removing the hooks and replacing them with towel bars or rings.

Mount the coat rack to the wall and use the bars or rings to hang towels.

This is a great way to add character to your bathroom while maximizing storage.

9. Towel Hooks 

A DIY towel ring or towel bar are traditional in most bathroom decor updates. However, you can opt to use hooks in place of the standard bars.

We recently updated our bathroom, and hung black towel hooks for a more modern feel.

10. Tiered Basket Towel Storage: 

Utilize tiered baskets or wire racks to create a stylish towel storage solution.

Stack the baskets vertically and use them to store rolled towels, washcloths, and other bathroom essentials. This not only adds storage space but also adds texture and visual interest to the room.

Conclusion: DIY Bathroom Towel Rack

Creating a DIY bathroom towel rack with square dowel rods is a simple yet rewarding project that can elevate the look of your bathroom while providing practical towel storage.

With just a few materials and basic woodworking skills, you can customize a towel rack to suit your space and style preferences. 

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