Welcome to the journey of our DIY bathroom remodel. It’s a fun journey of transforming our plain, lackluster bathroom into a modern-boho oasis!

Picture this: a space devoid of personality, with streaks running down the walls post-shower, and a general aura of meh. Yep, that was our bathroom pre-remodel.

But fear not, dear readers, because we embarked on a mission to turn this space into a haven we could truly enjoy.

Before the Remodel

When we moved into this little mountain house, the previous owner updated each room to basic standards.

While basic standards are ok, we were not excited about this space, and quickly found flaws that needed addressed.

When updating the bathroom, the previous owner (flipper) did not prime the walls, and they installed the smallest bathroom van possible.

With that poor combination, after showering, it was like a rainforest with streaked walls.

Take a peak at our bathroom before our remodel below, then keep reading to see how we transformed this space into a modern boho bathroom we love!

Before the DIY bathroom remodel

Prepping for Our DIY Bathroom Remodel

The first step in our grand renovation adventure involved addressing the sins of the past.

You see, the previous owners had committed the cardinal sin of skipping the priming step before slapping on a coat of paint. The result? Unsightly streaks haunting our walls like ghostly reminders of neglect.

Travis, my fearless DIY guru, rolled up his sleeves and took charge.

Armed with spackle and sandpaper, he patched and sanded every flaw in the drywall, bidding farewell to imperfections one dab of putty at a time.

Once the walls were smooth as silk, it was time to tackle the pesky streaks once and for all. Enter Kilz Bathroom primer, our knight in shining armor against moisture and imperfections.

With only one solid coat, our walls were primed and ready for their dazzling transformation.

The Board and Batten Bathroom Accent Wall

Now, onto the pièce de résistance: the board and batten accent wall.

Inspired by the simple aesthetics of modern-boho design, we decided to add a touch of texture and visual interest to our space.

Armed with wood, a level, and a whole lot of enthusiasm, Travis set to work creating a stunning feature wall that would become the focal point of our bathroom.

With precision and patience, each board was measured, cut, and installed with care.

But Travis wasn’t content with stopping there. Oh no, he had grand plans to take our bathroom from ordinary to extraordinary.

With a top cedar trim piece adorning the accent wall, the transformation was complete.

The rich, warm tones of the cedar added depth and texture, creating a striking contrast against the bold black backdrop.

The transformation was nothing short of magical as our bathroom went from blah to boho in the blink of an eye.

The clean lines of the board and batten added a sense of sophistication, while the natural wood tones infused warmth and character into the space.

The Modern Boho Paint Colors

With the accent wall stealing the spotlight, it was time to turn our attention to painting the bathroom walls.

The board and batten accent wall pulls in the modern flair with the Tri-Corn Black paint from Lowes.

Whereas, the top half of the accent walls and the remaining bathroom walls pull in the Boho vibe with a natural White Flour paint color – also from Lowes.

The crisp white walls served as the perfect canvas for our modern boho design vision to unfold.

Our DIY Bathroom Remodel Mirror

Once the walls were painted, Travis turned his attention to fulfilling my vision for the bathroom mirror update.

We have a large mirror over the bathroom vanity, but I no longer wanted the traditional white trim look.

Instead, I had a vision for the mirror to be re-trimmed with cedar. This vision was part of the plan to pull in the natural vibe.

Thankfully, Travis knew just what to do to make this vision come to life.

He removed the old trim and reframed the mirror with the same cedar he used to trim the accent wall.

After installing the DIY framed mirror, we installed the new light fixture.

The Finishing Touches: Modern Boho Decor

And now, for the finishing touches.

Black towel hooks, a toilet paper holder, and hand-towel rings added a touch of modern flair, while eucalyptus decor infused the space with a hint of botanical charm.

A white-washed wood tray held our essentials in style, while new black bath towels and sage green hand towels added a pop of color and softness.

But let’s not forget our beloved black and white boho shower curtain, a nod to our pre-remodel days that we couldn’t bear to part with.

If you are interested in updating your bathroom with similar features, here are links to the modern boho decor items we choose.

Welcome to the journey of our DIY bathroom remodel. We transformed our plain, lackluster bathroom into a modern-boho oasis!

Since some of the items are not available online, I will link similar items on Amazon.

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White Wooden Vanity Tray

Eucalyptus Wall Decor

Green Bath Mat

Black and White Boho Shower Curtain (similar)

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Black Cabinet Hardware

Modern Black Light Fixture

Conclusion: DIY Bathroom Remodel

Our DIY bathroom remodel may have been a labor of love, but the end result is nothing short of spectacular.

From bland and boring to bold and beautiful, our bathroom has undergone a stunning transformation that reflects our unique style and personality.

So here’s to embracing the power of DIY and turning our house into a home, one project at a time. Until next time, happy remodeling, y’all!

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diy-bathroom-remodel Welcome to the journey of our DIY bathroom remodel. We transformed our plain, lackluster bathroom into a modern-boho oasis!

DIY Bathroom Remodel