Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or just want a fun way to relax, these DIY backyard putting green kits are a must-have!

Installing a putting green at home is a great idea for the entire family!

You can practice your putt or test your skills against your friends and family. And with so many ideas for DIY putting greens, it’s easier than ever to make one yourself.


There are ideas for everyone, from budget-friendly putting green kits and mats to custom greens that win the most serious golfers’ approval. You can go as simple or as over-the-top as you want.

You can use artificial turf to create a maintenance-free project in your own backyard. Or opt for an indoor model to recreate a single-hole game with a realistic look in your own living room or even a hallway.

If you consider yourself a DIYer, you might be up for a more involved installation process.

Enjoy a chipping mat in the comfort of your backyard with minimal effort.

Take a peek at your options as you keep reading, and decide which putting green is the best fit for your home and golf game.

DIY Backyard Putting Green Kits


Ready to give up the country club and set up a more permanent putting green in your backyard? These kits are a great way to make the process go smoothly.

1. XGrass Modular Putting Green Kits

You can install these kits in a few hours, and you can also move them as necessary.

XGrass Modular has leading experts in the industry who design all of their kits, and you can choose from several models.

You simply need to prepare the area for your kit and follow the easy instructions. The interlocking panels feature putting green and fringe turf of the highest quality.


2. Bella Turf

This Canadian company features lush, elegant putting greens and chipping mats that can turn your backyard into a resort-worthy golf course.

You can call the company to place US orders, so it’s certainly worth taking a peek at their DIY kits. They offer easy installation and a professional look that will make your friends ooh and aah.


3. American Greens

If you want tour-quality and the look of a custom putting green at a fraction of the cost and in less time, check out The Major Series by American Greens.

It features five different shapes and sizes, and you can set the kits up in one or two days. You’ll be practicing your golf game before you know it.


4. Make Your Own Putting Green Kit

Of course, if you can’t find a pre-made kit that works for you, or you don’t want to go through a company, you can make your own.

Dogwood Golf shows you how to make a budget-friendly DIY backyard putting green with just a few supplies.

In addition to your putting green and fringe turf of choice, you’ll just need some landscape fabric, spikes, and U-staples, and a few other materials.


5. Dave Pelz GreenMaker

If you’re starting with a level surface, then this 3-step, no-tool assembly might be the perfect match for your putting needs.

You can set it up outside or inside, and it has everything you need to create a professional looking putting green.

You simply place the interlocking base plates together, roll out the turf, and add the cups and flags.


Outdoor and Indoor Putting Green Kits


Want to bring your game inside? Whether you’re creating the ultimate game room, a relaxation room, or you want to practice indoors, check out these indoor putting kits.

1. BOBURN Golf Putting Green

This BOBURN golf mat is for indoor and outdoor use! This makes it easy to set up a play area in your home.

There is a heavy-duty rubber base that prevents the mat from sliding when swinging your golf clubs.


One of the great amazon reviews says “The look and feel are very authentic. You can tell that quality materials were used for construction.

The rough portion of the grass meshes very nicely with other brands of artificial turf. I wanted to create a very relaxing fun environment which features the putting green”.

Some users also claimed they had this large putting mat permanently installed in their backyard.

This BOBURN mat is rated one of the best DIY backyard putting green kits!

2. GoSports Large Putting Green

Have a PGA Tour pros party with this GoSports 6 hole putting green.


The high-quality materials bring you tour-quality putting in your own home.

Plus, you can have multiple build plans with removable grass plugs, cups, and flags. This is great for your specific DIY needs when setting up your personal putting green.


3. Versatile Indoor Putting Green

Billy Mac Makes shows you how to build an indoor putting green that allows you to add challenges, change the slope, and more.

You can really test out and improve your skills (both DIY and golf) with this project.

If you consider yourself a handy person, this can be a real show-off to your golf friends.

4. PuttOut Pro Golf Putting Mat

You and your friends will want to use this PuttOut Pro kit to create the ultimate putting green office in their office or living room!


Why not give it a try in your rec room or make the ultimate playspace in your garage?


5. SKLZ Indoor Putting Greens

SKLZ Golf Training bundles features an assortment of rollout putting greens in various sizes, perfect for indoor use.


They’re quick to set up and also portable, so you can move them easily to another room. But, the company also offers custom putting labs for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Portable Putting Kits


Whether you’re shopping for serious golfers, yourself, or friends who appreciate a short game, this section is for you.

Here, you will find a simple portable way to practice your putt anywhere and anytime, check out these options.

1. Golf E-Z Putting Kit

Roll it out on a flat surface and the non-skid bottom keeps it in place. Golf E-Z comes with a practice putter, ball retriever, colored cup inserts, and more.


The included traveling carrying case helps you have the golf game anytime and anywhere!

2. Champkey Putting Mat

This 10-foot long mat with a non-skid bottom also includes a bunker and water hazard feature so you can really work on your accuracy.


It also boasts a continual ball return, so you don’t have to worry about resetting every putt. It features a compact, lightweight design, making it a breeze to move.

3. PUTT-A-BOUT Green

You can set up this kidney-shaped, par 3 putting green anywhere, and roll it up when not in use.


The non-skid, easy lay backing ensures it will lay flat, no matter how many times you roll it up. There are also built-in sand traps to catch any missed shots.

Custom Putting Greens

Are you looking for something a bit more unique?

If you’re an avid golfer willing to invest more in your at-home golf game, then a custom green might be exactly what you’re looking for.

Several companies offer design and installation services, while others offer a variety of solutions that can help you achieve a custom look.

1. Pro-Putt Systems

This company provides custom putting green services that make it easy to bring your golf game home.

They offer both indoor and outdoor options. You send in a photo and a detailed sketch, and they create a unique green complete with fringe turf.


If you want a custom green from top to bottom, a company like Synlawn does it all.

They can help you design the ultimate green for your space, either inside or outside, than provide professional and timely installation.

If you want something specific, and you’d rather not put your DIY stamp on it, this could be the route for you.

3. Ultra-Base Systems

Check out how this company makes installing a custom putting green seem like a piece of cake.

It provides modular floor systems that you can use for all sorts of applications so that you can get the ideal surface for your backyard green.

You can find companies that will design your custom green for you, or you can start making your own from scratch. But, no matter what you decide to do, laying the groundwork, literally, is a necessary and vital step in the process.

How Do You Prepare the Ground for a Putting Green?

The most important part of your putting green project is ensuring the ground is suitable for installation.

Home Depot breaks down exactly how to install a simple putting green, and you can see that prepping the surface is the biggest part of the project.

You can also get some tips on maintaining your synthetic turf.

Who doesn’t love a small DIY project that involves a golf green setup?

When getting the ground ready for your putting green, here are the top things to keep in mind:

  •  First thing, choose the best location for your green and map it out first. You can use a garden hose to play around with the overall shape, then mark the final outline with spray paint.
  •  Remove all plants, grass, weeds, roots, etc., from the area.
  •  Make sure you’re not messing with any pipes. If there are plumbing or other lines in the area, you might need to reconsider the location of your green.
  •  Dig out about 3 to 4 inches of soil and replace it with a permeable base rock.
  •  Choose a suitable base layer and soil (more on this in a bit).
  •  Tamp down the soil and rock. Compacting the ground provides the best foundation.
  •  Use a high-quality weed barrier.


Grass or Turf?

You can choose between artificial turf or natural grass if you’re making your own putting green. Both have advantages and disadvantages.

Green turf is artificial grass. It doesn’t require nearly as much maintenance as real grass, but you need to replace it when it wears down.

Depending on the synthetic grass you use, it can reflect heat, making it extra hot when the temperatures rise.

Although there are many amazing benefits of walking barefoot, you’ll need to wear shoes when playing on synthetic putting greens.


Of course, natural grass regrows, healing itself after divots, tearing, and other issues.

However, natural greens requires a lot of mowing, weeding, fertilizing, and other upkeep to keep it in tip-top shape as a putting green.

Plus, choosing the right kind of grass is critical since various grasses respond differently in multiple environments.

What Kind of Grass Is on a Putting Green?

You can find synthetic grass on many putting greens, including the DIY kits that make installation easier. But, if you opt to create a custom green with natural grass, which grass is best?


According to the United States Golf Association (USGA), choosing the best grass for putting greens isn’t done on a whim.

Many things have been tried and tested over the years to determine the best combination of soil and grass. Most US putting greens use Bermuda grass, Poa annua, or creeping bentgrass.

Choosing a well-draining, sandy soil for your grass is also important. This type of soil is best for short, thick grass, which you want on a putting green.

What Kind of Sand Do You Use for Artificial Putting Greens?

When installing turf for your putting green, infill sand is essential to help keep things in place. It plays a significant part in your ball roll too. But don’t start tossing beach sand on top of your turf; it’s not the same thing.


A product like Envirofill Sand gives the perfect polished look to your putting green, helps with drainage, and resists mold.

Silica sand improves playability by weighing down the turf to avoid ripples and wrinkles over time. Plus, it adds aesthetic appeal to your final project.

Can You Make A DIY Putting Green On Concrete?

You can install a DIY putting green on concrete, but proper prep work is essential, just like it is with soil.

Getting the surface as clean and smooth as possible is vital,as is filling any cracks, removing any glue or dirt, etc.


Once you have a clean, level surface, you must mark and cut holes for your ball cups.

This will take a bit more work than if you were simply installing the holes in the soil.

Then proceed to install your turf, adding padding if necessary for small children.

If your putting green is outside, consider adding drainage tiles. You can see a breakdown of how to install a putting green over concrete from The Backyard Sidekick.

Time for Some Putting Action

Are you ready to tee off on your putting green project? Before you start, remember to take your time and don’t skimp when it comes to the prep work. You wouldn’t want all of your efforts to go to waste.

Creating the proper foundation for artificial turf or natural grass is key to achieving an effective putting surface. Then you can have fun gathering the flags, golf balls, and all the other supplies you’ll need.

Have you already attempted a DIY golf project? How did it go?

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