If you’re a first-time pool builder looking for an affordable option, DIY above ground pool kits are the way to go!

These kits make the process of building an above ground pool a lot easier and more cost-effective than hiring a professional.

In this guide, we’ll give you all the info you need to know about DIY above ground pool kits. Plus, we will share the benefits of buying one, and provide helpful tips for building your own pool.

DIY Above ground pool kits.  What to consider before purchasing a pool, and the top rated above ground pool kits on amazon. #pools #abovegroundpools

With a little bit of time, effort, and creativity, you’ll be able to construct a beautiful pool that you can enjoy for many years to come.

Why DIY Above Ground Pool Kits are a Great Option

If you’re considering getting a swimming pool for your backyard, an above ground pool is an affordable option when compared to inground pools.

DIY pool kits take things one step further, giving you the satisfaction of building your own pool while saving a bunch of money.

One of the biggest benefits of DIY above ground pool kits is they come with everything you need to get started, including a complete installation manual.

This eliminates the guesswork and makes the process much easier, especially for first-time builders.

Another advantage of DIY above ground pool kits is they allow you to customize your pool to your liking.

You can choose the shape, size, and color of your pool, as well as add any features you want. This means you can design a pool that fits your backyard space and suits your specific needs.

DIY above ground pool kits are more cost-effective than hiring a professional pool installation company.

With the money you save, you can invest in other pool accessories, like pool heaters or lighting systems.

Finally, DIY above ground pool kits are a great option for those who like to take on DIY projects.

Building your own pool is actually a fun and rewarding experience that can give you a sense of accomplishment and pride in your backyard oasis.

What to Consider Before Purchasing an DIY Above Ground Pool Kit

DIY Above ground pool kits.  What to consider before purchasing a pool, and the top rated above ground pool kits on amazon. #pools #abovegroundpools

If you’re thinking of ditching inflatable pools and installing an above ground pool, purchasing a DIY pool kit can be an excellent option.

Before you make any purchases, there are a few factors you’ll need to consider.

Local Regulations

The first and most important thing to consider is if you’re actually allowed to install an above ground pool in your yard.

If you are, do you need some kind of permit for the construction process? Some places will have zero regulations. Others might have strict rules you have to follow.

It’s best to find out before you purchase your pool kit. Remember that permits may add on additional costs, so it’s good to know what your requirements are beforehand. 

Size and Shape

You’ll need to think about the size of the pool you want and the shape of the pool that best fits your space and preferences.

Above ground pool kits come in various sizes and shapes. Therefore, you’ll need to measure your available space and decide on the best option for your backyard.

Need inspiration to choose the right size and shape? Check out these 25 Backyard Above Ground Pool Ideas.

Remember to take into account any landscaping, trees, or fences that might affect the installation process.


Another important consideration is the quality of the pool kit you’re considering.

Make sure to read reviews and do your research on the different brands available to find one that’s reliable and high-quality.

The last thing you want is to end up with a flimsy, low-quality pool that will break or leak soon after installation. You’ll want a pool with maximum strength so you can use it year after year with no issues.

What’s Included in Your Kit

When purchasing a pool kit, also consider what’s included in the package.

Does it come with everything you need for installation, like a filter, pump, ladder, and other accessories? If not, you’ll need to purchase these items separately, which can add to the overall cost of the project.

DIY Difficulty Level

Finally, consider the difficulty level of installation. While DIY above ground pool kits are designed to be easy to install, some might be more complicated than others.

If you’re a first-time builder, look for a pool kit that includes clear and detailed instructions, and make sure you feel confident in your ability to tackle the installation before making any purchases.

DIY Above Ground Pool Kit Sizes and Shapes

When it comes to DIY above ground pool kits, you have a lot of options to choose from in terms of size and shape. This can be overwhelming for first-time builders but don’t worry. We’re here to help!

Most DIY above ground pool kits range in size from 12 feet to 30 feet in diameter, with the most common sizes being 15-18 feet.

The larger the pool, the more expensive the kit will be, so it’s important to consider your budget when deciding on size.

In terms of shape, the DIY above ground pool shapes you’ll find are square, round, and oval.

Round pools are great for small to medium-sized backyards and are the easiest to install.

Oval and square pools are ideal for larger backyards and provide more room for swimming laps or entertaining guests.

Steps to Installing Your DIY Above Ground Pool Kit

Installing a DIY above-ground pool kit may seem like it would be really difficult, but with the right tools, it can be a fun and fulfilling experience.

Follow these steps to ensure a smooth and successful installation process:

1. Site Preparation:

Choose a level and solid site for your above ground pool. Make sure to clear any debris or obstacles that might interfere with the installation process.

2. Assembly of the Pool Frame:

Start by assembling the frame of your above ground pool kit. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully and make sure that all parts are properly connected.

3. Installation of the Pool Liner:

Above-ground pools are typically vinyl liner pools. Once the frame is assembled, it’s time to install the pool liner.

Make sure the liner is properly positioned and free of wrinkles or folds. You can use a pool vacuum or squeegee to remove any air pockets between the liner and the pool walls.

4. Filling the Pool:

Once the liner is in place, start filling your above ground pool with water.

Take care not to overfill the pool beyond the manufacturer’s recommended level. It’s a good idea to check the water level periodically during the filling process.

5. Installing the Pool Pump and Filter:

After the pool is filled, it’s time to install the pool pump and filter system. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully and make sure that all connections are properly sealed.

6. Final Touches:

Finally, add any finishing touches to your above ground pool, like a ladder or safety fence.

Additional Features to Consider 

Once you’ve installed your DIY above ground pool kit, you may want to consider adding some additional features to make your pool experience even more enjoyable.

Here are a few ideas:

1. Pool Heater

Extend your pool season with a pool heater. This can make a big difference in areas where temperatures start to cool down earlier in the year.

There are several different types of heaters available, including electric, gas, and solar options.

2. Pool Cover

Pool covers are a must-have for keeping your pool clean and protected from debris. This can also help to retain heat and prevent water evaporation. Look for covers that are easy to install and remove.

3. Pool Lights

Add some ambiance to your pool area with pool lights. There are so many options available, from floating lights to built-in LED lights. Some models even change colors to create a fun atmosphere.

4. Pool Slide

If you have kids (or are just a kid at heart), a pool slide can be a fun addition to your pool. Look for slides that are designed specifically for above ground pools and that can be easily attached to the pool wall.

5. Pool Steps

Make it easier to get in and out of your pool with pool steps. Look for steps that are sturdy and slip-resistant.

Examples of DIY Above Ground Pool Kits

Tips for Maintaining Your Above Ground Pool

Maintaining your above ground pool is really important if you want it to last for a long time. Here are some tips for maintaining your DIY above ground pool kit:

1. Keep the water clean 

Use a pool skimmer to remove debris from the surface of the water. Regularly vacuum the pool to remove dirt and debris that has settled on the bottom of the pool.

2. Check the pH levels

Maintaining the right pH level in your pool is important for health and safety. A pH level between 7.2 and 7.8 is recommended. Use a pool water testing kit to check the pH levels regularly and adjust the chemicals as needed.

3. Chlorinate the water

Chlorine is essential in keeping the pool water clean and free of harmful bacteria. You can use chlorine tablets, granules, or liquid to keep the water chlorinated.

Be sure to follow the instructions on the packaging carefully.

4. Monitor the water level

Make sure the water level in the pool is maintained at the recommended level. Too little water can damage the pump and filter, while too much water can cause overflow and flooding.

5. Clean the filter regularly

A clean filter is crucial in keeping the water clean and clear. Check the filter regularly and clean or replace it as needed.

6. Store pool chemicals safely

Pool chemicals should be stored in a cool, dry place so they stay effective. Make sure to keep them away from children and pets.


DIY above-ground pool kits are an excellent option for first-time builders who want to save money and have complete control over the installation process.

By taking the time to consider factors like pool size and shape, as well as installation and maintenance tips, you can create a fun and functional pool area for you and your family to enjoy all summer long.

With the addition of optional fun features such as lighting, heating, and water features, you can create a personalized oasis that is perfect for your needs.

So why wait? Start planning your DIY above ground pool kit today and enjoy the benefits of a beautiful pool area in no time!

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DIY Above ground pool kits.  What to consider before purchasing a pool, and the top rated above ground pool kits on amazon. #pools #abovegroundpools

DIY Above Ground Pool Kits