Welcome to the part of our succulents series where we share the best books on succulents!

Whether you’re a seasoned succulent aficionado or just starting your journey into the wonderful world of these water-storing wonders, there’s always something new to learn.

In this blog post, we’ll delve into the pages of some of the best books on succulents, offering a curated selection that will inspire, educate, and delight both beginners and seasoned green thumbs alike.

From comprehensive guides to stunning photography books, get ready to cultivate your passion for succulents with these captivating reads.

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Best Books on Succulents

“Succulent Container Gardens” by Debra Lee Baldwin

πŸ‘‰ Succulent Container Gardens

Debra Lee Baldwin, the queen of succulents, presents a step-by-step guide to creating stunning succulent container gardens.

With her expertise, succulent enthusiasts can learn design ideas, care tips, and discover new succulents. This book is a perfect starter volume for anyone looking to explore the beauty of succulent container gardening.

“Succulents Simplified: Growing, Designing, and Crafting with 100 Easy-Care Varieties” by Debra Lee Baldwin

πŸ‘‰ Succulents Simplified

Debra Lee Baldwin’s “Succulents Simplified” is a great book that provides extensive advice on growing and caring for succulents.

With full-color photos and the author’s evident joy for these wonderful plants, readers will find inspiration and practical guidance for creating beautiful succulent gardens, even in warm climates.

“Succulents (Idiot’s Guides)” by Cassidy Tuttle

πŸ‘‰ Succulents: Idiots Guides

This succulent book is your photographic, step-by-step guide to selecting, potting, and caring for your succulent plants.

This book includes:
  β€’ Snapshots of 100 of the most popular varieties of succulent plants, including care, color, hardiness, pairing, and a full-color photo for each.
  β€’ Everything needed to select, pair, pot, and care for succulent plants.
  β€’ 16 beautiful craft projects with how-to steps and color photos, including picture frames, wreaths, terrariums, centerpieces, and bouquets.
  β€’ Tips on successfully propagating new succulents from existing plants.
  β€’ Extensive advice on choosing pots and unique planters, repotting succulents, and pairing varieties for maximum impact.
  β€’ An index of succulents by color and height that gives readers another tool for selecting the succulents that will look best.

“The Little Book of Cacti and Other Succulents” by Emma Sibley

πŸ‘‰ The Little Book of Cacti and Other Succulents

Emma Sibley’s guide offers essential information on a wide variety of succulents and cacti. With its compact size and beautiful photos, this book is perfect for both beginners and experienced succulent enthusiasts.

From basic care to unique shapes, it covers everything you need to know about these easy-care plants.

“The Gardener’s Guide to Succulents”: A Handbook of Over 125 Exquisite Varieties of Succulents and Cacti by Misa Matsuyama

πŸ‘‰ The Gardener’s Guide to Succulents

This book provides a beautiful overview of the diversity that succulents have to offer, presenting a wide variety of popular plants to help you create striking, aesthetically pleasing compositions.

“Succulents: The Illustrated Dictionary” by Maurizio Sajeva and Mariangela Costanzo

πŸ‘‰ Succulents: The Illustrated Dictionary

This illustrated dictionary by Maurizio Sajeva and Mariangela Costanzo is a comprehensive reference guide to succulents.

With over 2,000 color photos and detailed descriptions, this book covers a wide range of succulent species and cultivars. Whether you’re a botanist, collector, or hobbyist, this book is an essential resource for identifying and learning about succulents.

“The Complete Book of Cacti & Succulents” by Terry Hewitt

πŸ‘‰ The Complete Book of Cacti & Succulents

Terry Hewitt’s comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know about cacti and succulents. With practical advice on cultivation, propagation, and care, this book is perfect for both beginners and experienced gardeners.

Whether you’re interested in growing cacti, succulents, or both, this book is an invaluable resource for creating beautiful and healthy plants.

“Succulent Obsession: A Complete Guide” by Ken Shelf

πŸ‘‰ Succulent Obsession

Now you can grow your favorite plants with ease thanks to Succulent Obsession. This book is filled with all the expert advice you’ll need to identify, care for, and propagate 100 succulents and cacti.

“Essential Succulents: The Beginner’s Guide” by Ken Shelf

πŸ‘‰ Essential Succulents

Accompanied by beautiful photography of the succulents and projects presented, Essential Succulents includes:

  • 50 easy-to-grow succulents that can grow in a variety of environments, as well as a care guide and arrangement tips for each.
  • 8 easy DIY projects that include step-by-step instructions and are listed in order from easiest to more challenging.
  • Guidance for growing indoor and container succulents , including what they need to thriveβ€”such as the right light, soil, and irrigation.
  • Instructions for creating outdoor succulent gardens that require minimal maintenance and saves money on water.

“Container Succulents: Creative Ideas for Beginners” by Kentaro Kuroda

πŸ‘‰ Container Succulents

Learn how to care for and display individual succulent varieties, or get creative with groupings that combine multiple plants with complementary colors, shapes and sizes.

Whether you prefer a garden that is simple or intricate, this book covers all the basics of container selection and succulent care to ensure healthy plants.

Conclusion: Best Books on Succulents

In conclusion, the world of succulents offers endless possibilities for both seasoned enthusiasts and newcomers alike.

With the help of the best books on succulents, we’ve explored the beauty and diversity of these remarkable plants, from their resilience to their versatility in design and care.

Whether you’re seeking inspiration for DIY projects, looking to expand your knowledge on specific varieties, or simply eager to cultivate a thriving succulent collection, the resources highlighted in this guide are sure to guide you on your journey.

So, let’s continue to nurture our love for succulents, share our experiences, and celebrate the joy they bring into our lives. Happy gardening!

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