There are bathroom drawer organizer ideas, medicine cabinet tricks, and many more ways to get the clutter in your bathroom cabinets under control.

Is your bathroom clutter making you want to pull your hair out instead of brush it?

Bathrooms tend to be the home for stuff like toiletries, make-up, jewelry, bath bombs, towels, candles, hairdryers, and more.

Bathroom Drawer Organizer Ideas

Keeping your bathroom drawers organized can be a real challenge, especially if you’re dealing with limited space or deep drawers that seem to swallow up your items.

With the right tools and a bit of creativity, you can transform your messy bathroom drawers into efficient storage spaces that make finding what you need a breeze.

In this blog post, we’ll explore 30 genius bathroom drawer organizer ideas that will help you maximize every inch of space, from your medicine cabinet to your vanity drawers.

1. Drawer Dividers: 

Drawer dividers are a must-have for keeping smaller items like bobby pins, cotton swabs, and hair ties neat and tidy.

These adjustable dividers allow you to create custom-sized sections in your drawers, making it easy to organize your personal items.


2. Clear Plastic Bins: 

Clear plastic bins are perfect for storing similar items together while still keeping them visible. Use them to corral makeup, skincare products, or hair supplies in your bathroom drawers.

These are the organizer bins we used in our recent DIY bathroom makeover.

3. Stackable Bins: 

If you have limited drawer space, stackable bins can help you make the most of vertical space. Stackable bins are great for storing multiples of things like cotton balls, cotton swabs, or hair accessories.

4. Drawer Organizers:

 Invest in drawer organizers specifically designed for bathroom drawers. These organizers come in various sizes and configurations to fit different drawer dimensions and can help you keep larger items like hairbrushes and hair spray neatly contained.

These clear plastic storage organizers are perfect for your bathroom drawer clutter.

5. DIY Drawer Dividers: 

Get creative and make your own drawer dividers using thin pieces of wood or wood lathes. Simply measure and cut the pieces to fit your drawer dimensions, then use wood glue to assemble them into individual sections.

6. Clear Labels:

 Labeling your drawer organizers can help you and your family members quickly locate items and keep everything in its rightful place. Use a label maker or write directly onto adhesive labels for a clean and organized look.

The clear bathroom script labels be the topping to your newly organized bathroom.

The clear labels became popular with the Home Edit series. Yes, I own the book!

7. Magnetic Strip: 

Mount a magnetic strip inside your bathroom drawer to keep metal items like bobby pins, nail clippers, and tweezers within easy reach.

This simple hack ensures that these small items stay in place and are always at hand when you need them.

8. Shallow Drawer Organizers:

 For shallow drawers, opt for slim organizers that won’t take up too much space. These are perfect for organizing smaller items like contact lenses, makeup brushes, or travel-sized toiletries.

9. Lazy Susans: 

Lazy Susans aren’t just for the kitchen! Use them in deep bathroom drawers to store larger items like hair dryers, curling irons, or bottles of hand soap.

Simply give the Lazy Susan a spin to access items in the back of the drawer with ease.

10. Drawer Liners: 

Add a pop of color and personality to your bathroom drawers with decorative drawer liners. Not only do they protect your drawers from scratches and spills, but they also add a touch of style to your storage space.

11. Mason Jars:

 Repurpose mason jars as storage containers for items like cotton balls, Q-tips, or bath salts. Arrange them in your drawers for a rustic-chic look that keeps smaller items neatly contained.

12. Clear Glass Organizers: 

Clear glass organizers add a touch of elegance to your bathroom drawers while keeping items like cotton swabs, bath bombs, or bath toys visible and accessible.

This 6 pack of Apothecary bathroom jars are perfect for organizing, and labeling, your smaller items. Simply fill, and put down into your drawers!

13. Adhesive Strips: 

Secure small plastic bins or organizers to the inside of your drawers using adhesive strips. This prevents them from sliding around every time you open and close the drawer, keeping your items organized and in place.

14. Dollar Store Finds: 

Don’t underestimate the power of the dollar store for finding affordable storage solutions. Stock up on small bins, baskets, or trays to organize your bathroom drawers without breaking the bank.

15. Back of the Door Storage: 

If you’re short on drawer space, consider adding storage to the back of your bathroom door.

Install hooks, racks, or over-the-door organizers to store extra towels, bathrobes, or backstock items.

16. Linen Closet Storage:

 If your bathroom has a linen closet, use it to store bulky items like extra towels or bath mats. This frees up valuable space in your bathroom drawers for everyday essentials.

17. End of the Day Basket: 

Keep a small basket or bin on your bathroom counter or vanity to collect items at the end of the day. Encourage family members to deposit their personal items here so you can easily put them away in their designated drawers.

18. Container Store Finds: 

For high-quality storage solutions, check out the Container Store. They offer a wide range of drawer organizers, bins, and dividers designed specifically for bathroom organization.

19. Home Edit Inspired: 

Take a cue from the Home Edit and organize your bathroom drawers by color or category for a visually pleasing and functional storage solution. Use clear bins and labels to create a cohesive look that’s easy to maintain.

20. Vertical Space Utilization: 

Maximize vertical space in your bathroom drawers by stacking items like rolls of toilet paper or containers of hand soap. This allows you to store more items in a small footprint while still keeping them easily accessible.

21. DIY Drawer Unit: 

Build your own custom drawer unit using wood and drawer slides for a personalized storage solution that fits your bathroom’s unique dimensions.

Customize the number and size of drawers to accommodate your specific storage needs.

22. Open Shelving:

 Install open shelves above your toilet or beside your bathroom sink to store frequently used items like hand soap, lotion, or tissues. This frees up drawer space for items that you prefer to keep out of sight.

23. Bathroom Vanity Drawers: 

Organize your bathroom vanity drawers with designated zones for different types of items, such as hair care products, skincare products, and makeup. Use drawer dividers to create separate compartments for each category.

24. Guest Bath Essentials: 

Keep essential items like hand soap, lotion, and extra toilet paper easily accessible in your guest bath drawers. Stock up on travel-sized toiletries and neatly arrange them in your drawers for visiting friends and family.

25. Bathroom Counter Organization: 

Clear off your bathroom counters and transfer frequently used items like toothpaste, toothbrushes, and hand soap to your drawers for a clutter-free countertop.

Use small bins or trays to keep these items organized and easily accessible.

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26. Personalized Makeup Drawer: 

Create a dedicated drawer for your makeup collection, complete with dividers for different types of products.

Arrange your makeup brushes, palettes, and lipsticks in individual sections for easy access and a beautifully organized look.

27. Junk Drawer Alternative: 

Instead of letting your top drawer become a catch-all for miscellaneous items, designate specific drawers for different categories of items, such as hair supplies, skincare products, or bath toys. This prevents clutter and makes it easier to find what you need.

28. Bathroom Cabinet Organization

Don’t forget about your bathroom cabinets! Use stackable bins or baskets to store extra towels, toiletries, or cleaning supplies underneath your sink or in your linen closet for added storage space.

29. Clear Stacking Drawers

These clear stacking drawers are a great way to contain your items, but still see what you have at a glance.


30. Slide-Out Storage Baskets

This two-tier slide-out unit gives you extra storage and drawer space wherever you need it.


Adjustable dividers in the baskets make it a breeze to keep like items together.

31. Hand Towel Storage

Keeping extra hand towels in the bathroom is a must. Instead of a random pile under the sink (that always falls over), put them in a divided organizer.


32. Toilet Paper Storage

Storing toilet paper in the bathroom can be tricky if you don’t have extra cupboard space.

Choose from a traditional TP holder, a modern farmhouse toilet paper holder, or a woven basket to set on the back of the toilet.


33. Expandable Drawer Organizer

This adjustable organizing tray allows you to custom-fit your storage to your bathroom drawer and your needs.

You can mix and match the different pieces, placing them in a variety of configurations.


34. Deep Drawer Organizers

If you have extra shampoos, lotions, and soaps like I do, you probably need deeper organizers.

This set of 4 deep plastic organizers are perfect for all of your taller items.


35. Clear Divided Organizers

A set of clear divided organizers are great for makeup sponges, extra razor blades and so much more.


What part of your bathroom do you struggle with the most when it comes to staying organized? Share in the comments!

And hopefully, you’ve found just the right inspiration in these tips to help you conquer your bathroom clutter.

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