These bathroom accent wall ideas can transform your bathroom from boring to beautiful.

Accent walls can be an easy way to create visual interest in any room in your home.

Whether you choose to paint your accent wall or add something with more texture, an accent wall is a great option for adding decorative flair to a room.


The bathroom has not historically been a popular room for accent walls, but this design trend is becoming an increasingly popular choice.

Whether you have a large or small space, a bathroom wall can be accented in many different ways to spruce up your bathroom design.

There are a lot of different materials you can use for your bathroom accent wall from shiplap wall wood paneling to vinyl wallpaper and ceramic tile.

Bathroom Accent Wall Ideas

If you want to make a bold statement in the bathroom, the best wall to use for your accent wall is behind the vanity or directly behind the bathroom tub.

A walking shower can serve as the accent wall itself with the right material design style.

We rounded up some accent wall ideas for you to use in your bathroom for a feature wall.


Shiplap Accent Wall Ideas

Shiplap has been used in homes for a very long time.

Historically, it was never meant to be exposed. It was used under wallpaper in the days before sheetrock existed.

Today, discovering shiplap in your home is a treasure. It’s so popular that it’s now made to purchase as a wall treatment for all sorts of uses from the walls to ceilings and even for the furniture in your home.

1. Vertical Shiplap Accent Wall

This vertical shiplap accent wall is a great way to help a small bathroom look larger from floor to ceiling.

Photo Credit: SprucingUpMamaHood

2. Behind the Vanity Shiplap Accent Wall

This horizontally ran shiplap behind the extra-long vanity makes the rest of the room look long and large.

3. Shiplap Framed Shower

Using shiplap to frame the shower helps it stand out from the rest of the room.

Photo Credit: Treasure in the Detail

4. Shiplap Accent Wall Behind Bathtub

This shiplap accent wall highlights a free-standing bathtub perfectly.

5. Painted Shiplap Accent Wall

Double texture and color to make your wall pop in an otherwise white bathroom.

6. Wall and Ceiling Shiplap Accent

This accent wall and is carried onto the ceiling for an extra dramatic effect.

Photo Credit: HomeLikeYouMeanIt

7. Shiplap and Tile Combination Accent Wall

This combo gives this bathroom a unique look and makes the perfect focal point for the room.

8. Shiplap Half Wall

This accent isn’t a single wall, but it is an accent wall treatment. A half wall of shiplap creates nice clean lines between your white shiplap and a darker color in your bathroom space.

Photo Credit: Irish Roissing

9. Shiplap Wall Protrusion

If you have an unsightly wall protrusion in your bathroom, use a wall treatment like shiplap to make it your new accent wall.

10. Beach Style Shiplap

A mixture of natural wood colors and gray shiplap gives your wall a unique color that is reminiscent of beach elements.

Tile Bathroom Accent Wall Ideas

Decorative ceramic tile is frequently used in home design. It fits any style and really gives an upgraded look to your space.

Tile be the best choice for bathroom accents, because it is not affected by moisture.

11. Glass Brick Look Wall Tile

This glass brick tile is reflective and perfect for an accent wall that you want to really stand out.

12. Honeycomb Tile Accent Wall

Instead of just highlighting behind the vanity, highlighting the entire wall brings a dramatic feel to the design.

13. Shower Tile Accent Wall

Using your shower walls as your accent wall in the bathroom is a great way to finish your project. It will bring color and pattern to a particular part of the room without having to add extra materials.

Since you have to have a shower anyway, build your accent design into your shower tile.

Photo Credit: KristyByTheSea

14. Behind the Tub Mixed Tile Accent Wall

This tile design fills the whole wall. However, it draws attention to the tub with the different strip of tile directly behind the center of the bathtub.

Photo Credit: KadilakHomes

15. Half Wall Tile Accent

This half-wall tile treatment is a classic bathroom look that makes. beautiful accent for any style design.

16. Double Accent Tile Walls

This stone tile spread across two walls accents both the shower and the bathtub and makes them stand out from the rest of the room.

17. Vanity and Shower Accent Wall Tiles

The matching accent strips in the shower and around the vanity highlight both and tie them together at the same time.

18. Vibrant Colors and Pattern Tile Accent Wall

Tiles with bright colors or interesting patterns are perfect to highlight a wall in your bathroom.

Keep in mind that busy patterns are best for larger bathrooms because they can make a small space looks smaller.

19. Empty Wall Accent Tiles

If you have one wall in your bathroom that can’t have any furniture or bathroom fixtures on it, it may be a great wall to add accent tiles to.

Lay the tiles in a fun pattern or use a cool pattern to make it even more interesting.

20. Painted Faux Tile Accent Wall

This tile look-a-like accent is a great choice if you need different options at lower costs. It’s a simple way to add a great accent on a tight budget without any renovation.

Wallpaper Bathroom Accent Wall Ideas

Many people who experienced wallpaper in the 70s and 80s may think it sounds like a bad idea. However, there are now some beautiful and modern options for wallpaper.

Wallpaper is now made with better materials and is easier to use. It’s a great way to add wall art to your home!

21. Floral Wallpaper Accent Wall

A bright floral design is a fun way to bring more color and art to your space.

22. Large Print Floral Wallpaper Accent

The large print design of this wallpaper pattern is dramatic but not too bright.

23. Textured Geometric Pattern Wallpaper Accent Wall

This modern pattern and clothlike texture bring a mix of hard lines and a soft feel to your bathroom space.

24. Contemporary Wallpaper Accent wall

This black wallpaper is a great example of how far we’ve come since the 70s. The black accent wall with gold accents is a beautiful contemporary style.

25. Wall and Ceiling Wallpaper Accents

This master bathroom features a wallpaper accent wall with a matching ceiling accent.

If you have an interesting architectural feature like the one in this bathroom, you may want to highlight it.

26. Faux Wallpaper Bathroom Accent Wall

If you want to look of wallpaper, but don’t want to commit to the task of putting it up (or later taking it down), try faux wallpaper.

If you artsy enough for this DIY, it can turn out looking just like a fresh sheet of wallpaper on your accent wall.

27. Accent Patterns

Choosing a wallpaper color for your accent wall that matches your paint and has an understated pattern can create a nice clean look in your bathroom.

28. Half Wall Wallpaper Accent

Those shiplap or tile half wall accents will be beautiful with a nice wallpaper accent on top.

Photo Credit: TheCreativityExchange

29. Cloth Wallpaper Accent Wall

Wallpapers made with solid colors and a textured cloth feel give a classic look to your blank wall.

30. Bold Color Wallpaper Accent Wall

Bold wallpaper murals and designs will take your bathroom to another design level if you aren’t afraid to give them a shot.

Natural Stone Bathroom Accent Wall Ideas

Stone accents in homes will never go out of style.

Natural materials like stone are not a recent trend, they are a classic element of design that will probably always be around.

Whether it’s veneer stone or natural stone, it’s a beautiful look for any space.

31. Freestanding Tub Stone Accent Wall

This natural look makes a beautiful floor-to-ceiling accent wall in your bathroom.

32. Vanity Stone Accent Wall

This natural stone almost looks like brick and gives a rustic look to this bathroom vanity backdrop.

33. Bathtub Nook Natural Stone Accent

Natural stone gives this built-in bathtub a cozy look.

Photo Credit: BuschelStone

34. Natural Stone Slab Accent Wall

This natural stone slab fills the entire wall behind the bathtub for a dramatic and modern look.

35. Toilet Wall Natural Stone Accent

The best place to make an accent wall may be the first wall you see when you walk into the bathroom. This veneer stone wall is a great feature to see first thing.

36. Shower Frame Accent Wall

Framing a shower with a stone accent wall can be a good way to dress us a shower insert.

37. Large Veneer Stone Accent Wall

These larger stones make a big statement even on a small area of the wall.

38. Natural Stone and Tile Shower Walls

These natural elements on the back of the shower make a beautiful spa-like bathroom.

Photo Credit: ShelteredNess

39. Pebble Shower Accent Wall

Pebble stones make a great natural-style accent wall in your shower tile.

40. Behind Vanity Full Pebble Wall

This cottage-style pebble wall creates a rustic cozy look.

Photo Credit: KBFDesign

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