Whether you’re working with a spacious backyard or a small outdoor space, these backyard enclosed patio ideas offer lots of inspiration.

Creating the ultimate backyard oasis can add a lot of value to your home. The value it delivers isn’t just in terms of money but also entertainment and relaxation.


These ideas are sure to make you love the outdoors, from fun furniture finds to outdoor kitchens to various enclosed patio spaces.

Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

These days, outside spaces are becoming more extensions of the interior living space. You’ll find places outside to lounge, eat, and cook. Outdoor kitchens can be simple, with a basic grill and seating area, or elaborate with a full kitchen and all the amenities.


Add a Bright Backsplash

Situate part of your prep space against the wall of your home so you can add a stunning and colorful tile backsplash. It adds an instant wow factor to your outdoor kitchen. If you can’t do a backsplash, you can bring fun tiles in by adding them to the countertops.

Use a Portable Kitchen Island for Small Patios

If you have a smaller patio, using a portable island is a great way to make your outdoor kitchen more functional.


Simply wheel it into place when you need it, and slide it to the side when you don’t. It’s excellent for storing barbecue accessories, supplies, and other outdoor essentials. In short, they are a great solution for a small open space.

A Pizza Oven Makes a Fun Addition

You can use a built-in stone or brick pizza oven, or if that’s not in your budget, consider this moveable outdoor pizza oven. It’s a great way to add another layer of fun to your outdoor cook-out and also makes pizza night something extra-special.


Enclosed Patio Designs

Whether you want to enclose your patio with glass, a screen, curtains, or a mixture of them all, the sky’s the limit. Enclosing your patio helps make it feel more like a room, blending the outdoors with the indoors seamlessly.

Outdoor Curtains

Hanging curtains from an attached patio, a pergola, or any other covering is a budget-friendly way to create an enclosed patio. You can find curtains in various materials and colors, opt for solid or patterned, or even go with sheer.


Create Zones in a Large Patio

If you have a spacious patio, set up several zones to help define the space. You can have an area for lounging, a dining area, a bar, a cooking or prep area, etc. Set up the zones using distinct furniture for whatever purpose that zone serves, and make sure to allow for a comfortable flow between each spot.

Don’t Forget the Ceiling

Add visual interest and a sense of space by painting the ceiling. Or you can add wood trim or beams to create a more elevated look to your patio design.

You can make your patio feel like a luxurious living room, a cozy cabin, a cheery sunroom, or anything in between. Whatever you desire, you can have the amazing patio you dream of when you have the right inspiration. Continue reading for even more fabulous enclosed patio designs and ideas for your outdoor living spaces.

Rustic Enclosed Patio Designs

Rustic patio spaces can range from traditional to modern, depending on the materials you use. Lots of natural stone and wooden beams will typically provide a more raw, old-world look.

Keeping wood tones light, sleek and adding in modern elements gives a more contemporary spin to things. Incorporating different metals like iron and steel can also result in a more rustic, industrial look.

Old World Rustic

The mix of natural stone, wooden ceiling, and medieval-inspired light fixture come together beautifully in this rustic patio on I’m Selling San Diego’s Instagram.


Working with your house’s existing exterior can help you create a patio that flows seamlessly with the style of your home.

Rustic and Modern

Light wood tones and clean lines make this semi-enclosed patio from Sheri Negri Design the perfect mix of modern design and rustic style.

Multiple zones, including a bar with a large flat-screen television, also make this modern look perfect for entertaining.


Incorporate a Stone Fireplace

Nothing says rustic more than a large stone fireplace.

The storage underneath for extra firewood adds to the rustic touch. If using a fireplace or fire pit in your patio design, always make sure you have proper ventilation. Fire pits often need to be used in more open-air layouts instead of underneath a cover.

Small Patio Cover Ideas

You can easily DIY several styles of small patio covers if you want to create a covered outdoor retreat. Here are some options to get your creative juices flowing.

Set Up a Shade Umbrella

A freestanding patio umbrella can become an instant small patio cover. Place it over an existing patio or lay down pavers or even a wooden palette to create a small patio space. Make sure to get the proper size and weight base to keep your umbrella in place and sturdy.


Build a DIY Pergola

If you’re handy and confident in your DIY skills, you can build a beautiful pergola.

You can also find pergola kits that might make things a bit easier to handle. If you plan to tackle this project, you might want to enlist the help of an extra set of hands.


Use Fabric Sun Shades

You can connect fabric sun sails to nearby structures to create a temporary roof for your patio. Or create a patio space anywhere by placing four posts in the ground to attach the sun shades.

A shade sail usually comes with very long ropes at each corner, making it easy to reach structures at varying distances.


Place Arbors Side-by-Side

Use several arbors like these positioned side-by-side to create a small, intimate patio area. Cover the tops with lush greenery, colorful fabric, or other flexible material to provide some shelter from sun and rain.

Set Up a Gazebo

Using a gazebo with attached netting is a great way to create an elegant outdoor patio space. You can set up a seating area inside or make it an outdoor dining room.

Many styles even come with hanging light fixtures that you can mount in the center and shelves in the corner to display plants and more.


Top Furniture Picks for Enclosed Patios

Every good patio needs the right furniture to make it work well. Sometimes, a patio is for dining, while other times, it’s simply for relaxing and reading a good book. No matter how you use your patio, make sure you get furniture that helps it function at its best.


Perfect for a Rustic Patio

Mixing metal and wood is a great furniture choice if you’re going for a more rustic or industrial look on your patio. It’s great how materials can make it easy to blend two styles into one.

Conversation Seating

Setting up furniture in your space like you would in your home helps define your enclosed patio as a useable space.

A patio seating area arranged like a classic living room (sofa, coffee table, and chairs) makes the ideal lounge area for conversation and comfort.


Outdoor Chaise

Do you love to relax in your outdoor area and read a book or maybe work on a word puzzle or two? If so, an outdoor chaise lounge is a must in your enclosed patio.


DIY Furniture

If you’re working with a limited budget, you can find some fun DIY furniture ideas to help you make the ultimate patio space. When you make it yourself, you also add a unique story to your backyard retreat.

Some of the best ways to start your DIY project are to look through pinterest and check out your favorite books for backyard enclosed patio ideas.

Get Swinging with a Hammock

Whether you mount it from the structure or use a hammock with a stand, there’s nothing quite like taking a nap in a hammock. It’s the ultimate way to lounge and the perfect addition to a more tropical or beachy patio vibe.

Add some vibrant tropical plants, and you’ll feel like you’ve escaped to an island paradise. Hammock chairs are another fun way to add seating to your patio space. The hammock below is a popular choice!


Glass Enclosed Patio Ideas

Glass-enclosed patios are popular choices, often resembling a sunroom since they are usually attached to the back of the house.

They feature glass doors, large windows, lots of natural light, and a sense of openness. But, there are all different ways to make a glass-enclosed patio work for you.

Go with Glass Ceilings

Don’t stop with the walls; bring the glass up onto the ceiling, and let the outside in from all angles. This is the perfect setup if your patio is in a shady spot, so you don’t have the bright sun shining down on the space all day long.

Dramatic Dining Space

Often, a glass-enclosed patio or sunroom can be long and narrow. This room shape becomes an excellent place to set up a long dining table, perfect for enjoying meals and company while taking in the scenic views.

A hanging light above the dining table, like in this patio from Douglas Wright Architects, completes the overall look. The light will reflect beautifully off your glass windows.

No Ground? No Problem

If you live in an area with limited yard space, say a hillside, that doesn’t mean you can’t have an amazing patio. T

his design from interiordesigns almost appears to float out above the water. It utilizes the proper support to make it happen, so definitely make sure you consult with the right professionals on this one.


Screened Patio Ideas

When you live somewhere with pleasant weather most of the year, a screened-in patio is ideal. It allows you to enjoy the fresh air all year-round without the aggravation of bugs.

Create Another Room

This screened-in patio gives this home a whole new useable space to enjoy the fresh air. Using cozy furniture, pillows, a hanging light fixture, and a lamp make this patio look like a room inside the house.


Keep It Playful

The Seasoned Home on Instagram creates an outdoor living room that uses a lot of texture, patterns, and decor for a homey feel. But, it also maintains the fun of the outdoors with a hanging swing for extra seating.


Go Green

Don’t keep all the plant life outside of the patio — bring it in with lush plants, vines, and more. This design from sabi interiors shows that going green can be charming and fun. Even the green carpet adds to the overall natural look.

Are you ready to start creating the backyard of your dreams? Already done something amazing in your backyard space? Share in the comments! Sometimes, the simplest way is the best way to create the perfect place to enjoy some fresh air.

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