Get inspired with these modern farmhouse bathroom ideas!

The farmhouse style has been a popular design choice over the last several years. Perhaps it’s because it evokes a feeling of cozy charm or a more laid-back, casual vibe.

Johanna Gaines has undoubtedly shown how amazing the style looks and how you can do so many different things with your modern farmhouse project.

You can opt for a modern farmhouse design with rustic flair or a sleeker look.


Whether using barn doors, classic subway tile, or weathered wood, there’s a farmhouse bathroom design that’s perfect for you.

If you need a little inspiration to get your creative juices flowing, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve rounded up 50 modern farmhouse ideas that are so amazing you’ll start finding excuses to spend more time in the bathroom.

Popular Color Palettes for a Modern Farmhouse Bathroom


Every style tends to have a go-to color palette. For example, when you think of mid-century modern, you’ll likely envision earthy tones and pops of color. But with a modern farmhouse bathroom, you have several popular color schemes to consider.

Let’s look at some popular paint colors to make your space look like Joanna Gaines designed it!

1. Go Greige with Navy

Gray and navy is a popular color combo, and greige tones help keep things warm and inviting.

Photo Credit: Christina Maria

2. Neutrals with Mossy Greens

Pair neutral shades with a mossy green to create soft, natural vibes in the space.

Photo Credit: Proverbs 31 Girl

3. White, Black, And Gray

Combining white and black is a classic design move. Adding gray helps soften the look and is a classic modern farmhouse palette.

R & R at Home

4. Deep Moody Blues Against White

The contrast between dark blue and white creates a dramatic impact.

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5. Neutrals with a Surprise Pop of Color

Neutrals are an excellent fit for a farmhouse bathroom. But don’t be afraid to add a splash of color here and there, like a schoolhouse red.

Photo Credit: Benjamin Moore

Modern Farmhouse Master Bathroom Ideas


Check out these incredible modern farmhouse bathroom ideas and see which ones would work the best in your space.

1. Multiple Mirrors

Using several mirrors in this bathroom on Pinterest helps brighten up the space, bouncing light around the room. It’s a great way to make a small bathroom feel larger.

Photo Credit: Irwin Construction

2. Bold Floor Pattern

Look for a floor tile with a big, bold pattern to create a statement in your master bathroom, like this one from Pinterest.

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3. All Wood Ceiling

An all-wood ceiling, paired with modern touches throughout, creates the perfect blend of rustic and modern.

Photo Credit: Home Like You Mean It

4. Symmetrical Style

If you’re working with double vanities, keep things symmetrical for a sense of balance.

Photo Credit: Happily Ever Asquith

5. A Beautiful Rug

Go beyond your basic bath mat and indulge in a cozy, woven rug for the bathroom floor.

Photo Credit: Simplicity in the South

6. A Black Floor

It’s a bold move, but go all black on your floor to ground the space and create a wow factor.

Unable to trace original creator

7. Shower That Makes a Statement

Tiles that look like wood create a significant impact in this large shower.

Unable to trace original creator

8. Lots of Natural Light

If you have the means to, create tons of opportunities for natural light throughout your bathroom. Higher windows or frosted glass are great options if privacy is a concern.

Photo Credit: Serenbe Stables

9. Shiplap Walls

Shiplap doesn’t have to mean nautical or beachy. It’s also a staple in farmhouse style and can also lend a modern vibe.

Photo Credit: Home Like You Mean It

10. Tub with a View

How stunning is this tub area? Imagine soaking in a fantastic view while soaking in a warm bath.

If you search for modern farmhouse bathroom design, it’s likely you will see natural materials mixed with neutral colors and clean lined finishing touches.

tub area
Photo Credit: Blogs by Aria

Kids Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas


If you’re designing a bathroom for kids, make sure it stays functional for younger users too. Here are some ideas to keep your farmhouse bathroom looking great and kid-friendly.

1. Fun Wall Decals

Kid-friendly wall decals, like the ones in this dinosaur bathroom, can add just the right touch of whimsy and fun to a children’s bathroom.

Photo Credit: Be in Wonder Design

2. Humorous Sign

Add a dash of humor with a sign that makes the kids giggle while brushing their teeth.


3. Subtle Reminders

This bathroom saves you the trouble of asking kids if they washed their hands — the towel does it for you.

Photo Credit: Purposefully Emilie

4. Built-In Step Stool

Often, kid’s bathrooms double as guest bathrooms. Don’t want a step stool taking up room? This hideaway solution solves the problem.

Photo Credit: Oak Story Design

5. Funny Shower Curtain

Kids will love this comical addition to their farmhouse bathroom.


6. Personalized Towel Hooks

Tired of everyone fighting over their space (or leaving towels on the floor)? Give them all their own space with personalized hooks.

Photo Credit: Abby M. Interiors

7. Helpful Accessories

Are you constantly reminding your children of what to do in the bathroom? Let the bathroom accessories do it for you.

bathroom accessories
Photo Credit: NoNa & Bee/Amazon

8. A Rug with a Sense of Humor

Make them smile whenever they step out of the tub or shower. Use a bath mat with a fun phrase like this one.

Photo Credit: SBK Living/Shop LTK

9. Separate Vanities

Keep arguments about whose turn it is to a minimum with separate vanities. It’s also an excellent way for kids to divide up their stuff.

Photo Credit: Alicia Bruce

10. Clear Containers

Make it super simple for kids to find what they’re looking for and put things back where they belong with clear containers.

clear containers

More Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas


Need some extra inspiration to get started? Check out these other fantastic farmhouse styles.

1. Shiplap Behind the Mirror

This bathroom on Pinterest places mirrors on a shiplap wall, creating a beautiful feature.

Photo Credit: Emily Rebar

2. Black Fixtures and Hardware

The black hardware and various fixtures in this bathroom help define the farmhouse style.

Photo Credit: R & R at Home

3. Rustic Industrial Vanity Lights

Balance sleek elements with some more industrial light fixtures to create the modern farmhouse vibe.


4. Wall Mounted Faucets

Wall-mounted faucets look great in a modern farmhouse bathroom. Plus, they’re an excellent option if you’re working with a small space.

Photo Credit: My Life From Home

5. Lots of Black and White

This bathroom on Pinterest has a black-and-white theme that keeps things simple and striking.

Choose black plumbing fixtures, lighting, hardware, and accessories against an all-white background.

Photo Credit: 1111 Light Lane

6. Open Shelving for Storage

Opt for open shelves to store towels, and other bathroom essentials like this budget-friendly bathroom makeover did.

You can tuck things you want to keep out of sight inside pretty wicker baskets.

Photo Credit: Joyful Derivatives

7. Lots of Natural Textures

Hanging wood shelves, assorted woven baskets, and lush greenery — just a few of the natural elements and textures that stand out in this Pinterest bathroom.

Photo Credit: Delightfully Chic

8. Bring in Greenery

Natural elements, like fresh plants, add just the right touch to this airy and bright bathroom.

Photo Credit: Dress Cori Lynn

9. Clawfoot Tub

A clawfoot tub is the epitome of a farmhouse bathroom, and this black tub brings in the modern feel.

Photo Credit: Nesting With Grace

10. A Masculine Vibe

The dark grout, black fixtures, and super-sleek lines give this farmhouse bathroom a masculine edge.

Unable to trace original creator

11. Use Barn Doors

The oversized barn doors that separate this bathroom from the bedroom set the stage for modern farmhouse style.

Unable to trace original creator

12. Natural Looking Chandelier

If you need an accessory to help describe rustic-glam, this chandelier would be a great option.

Photo Credit: Kendra Found It

13. Metal Mirror

A metal-framed mirror can add just the right modern touch to balance rustic elements.


14. Rustic Vanity

The wood vanity in this bathroom maintains sleek, clean lines, blending rustic and modern styles.

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15. Bright and Airy

Check out this all-white modern farmhouse bathroom.

Ready to create a modern farmhouse bathroom in your home? Now that you have plenty of inspiration, you just need to decide which one you like the best. 

Photo Credit: Megan Murphy

Elements of a Farmhouse Style Bathroom


Here are some ideas for popular elements you’ll find in many farmhouse-style bathrooms. These are the standout design features that tend to really show off the style and define it.

1. A Mix of Modern and Rustic

Mix modern touches with rustic elements to keep things from crossing too far into country cottage or shabby chic. Think natural elements, textures, and wood with elegant light fixtures or sleek tiles.

A sliding barn door is a popular choice, and a great way, to bring in the modern farmhouse feel.

2. Use Clean Lines

Go with straight, sleek lines throughout the space. Avoid overly ornate patterns or large, curved edges. This is often where the white shiplap walls tie in the farmhouse charm.

3. Incorporate Reclaimed or Exposed Wood

Use reclaimed wood as a feature on a wall or show off beautiful exposed wood on the ceiling. Blending these rustic touches with a bright white tile is a match made in modern farmhouse heaven.

4. Opt for Natural Textures

Opt for cotton, wool, burlap, and other natural fibers throughout the space instead of synthetic blends. These natural textures help bring in more of a simple, organic vibe.

5. Don’t Get Too Fussy; Keep It Simple

If you start loading up on farmhouse kitsch, you’ll end up with the opposite of a modern farmhouse look. Don’t use a lot of clutter or over-accessorize.


6. Choose Natural Tones and Neutrals

Similar to using natural textures, also opt for natural tones and neutrals. So choose colors you would find in nature, like blues, greens, reds, etc.

7. Choose a Key Focal Point

Don’t make your eyes look all over the place when you enter the room. Choose a central focal point for your space.

A freestanding tub is a very common element of farmhouse decor. A beautiful clawfoot tub with a stunning chandelier hanging above it.

8. Select a Few Vintage Pieces

If you’re struggling with the modern farmhouse vibe, start with a modern design, then layer on vintage touches. Select a few key pieces that you can pepper throughout the space.

9. Keep the Design Practical

The farmhouse style praises function (think of a hardworking farm). So create a beautiful space, but not at the expense of practicality.

10. Go for an Overall Airy Vibe

Imagine sunlight pouring in through a farmhouse window. That’s the feeling you want in your modern farmhouse bathroom. Keep things open and bright.

We hope you’ve enjoyed these modern farmhouse bathroom ideas. Which was your favorite?

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