Backyard golf games are another popular addition to the outdoor game arena. With multiple options, it’s now easier than ever to practice your chip shot in your own yard.

There’s nothing quite like some outdoor festivities to bring the whole family together, whether it’s backyard BBQs or playing the ultimate game of cornhole.

Check out these top outdoor games if you’re looking for ways to ramp up the family fun at home.


Best Backyard Golf Games for the Family


Fore! Grab some golf balls, because it’s time to play some golf!

You’ll find just about everything when you grab these games. From practice nets to chipping mats and even a floating green, there’s something for players of all skill levels.

Bucket Golf

Get your friends and family together for a round of golf with this easy-to-set-up course. With this bucket golf set, everything fits in a convenient carrying case, making this an excellent on-the-go game.


It includes flags, sticks, and buckets to set up a 6-hole course and 6 lightweight balls. All you need to supply for this fun game is your own golf club.

Golf Cornhole Game

Test your golf skills with this innovative mashup of golf and the classic cornhole.

This cornhole golf game has rules included to play varying fun games with 2 or 4 players.



This great game combines golf with the ultimate backyard game of cornhole.

The Chippo set features two targets that resemble cornhole boards, two heavy-duty chipping mats, and 6 practice balls. T


he targets are sturdy but lightweight, making the game easy to set up for a last-minute backyard challenge. They also feature fold-up legs making them a breeze to store.

Floating Golf Green

Keep your golf game extra cool with a floating golf green.

Try to make a hole-in-one or aim for the different targets with this fun game of golf. If you miss, no problem. It’s all part of the fun when your ball misses the green and lands in the water.


Make a splash and cool off in the pool. Plus, the balls float, making it easy to retrieve them.

Putt-Through Croquet

This backyard golf game lets you practice your putting skills while enjoying a reimagined classic, croquet.


You get four golf bags and nine gates, which fit nicely in the included carrying case. All you need is a putter. You can arrange the course however you like, making it excellent for all skill levels to have a good time.

Frisbee Golf

Frisbee golf has gained a lot of popularity over the years.

You may have noticed this ultimate outdoor game, with official courses, set up in parks and other recreational areas. There are even mini frisbee golf courses popping up in yards across the country.


This set has three discs: a putter, driver, and mid-range disc. It also comes with a portable basket stand and chains. The portability of this game makes it great for the backyard, the park, or to take on your next beach trip.

Even the seasoned golfer, or avid golfer, thinks this is a great addition to the backyard golf games.

Golf Simulator

For the serious golfer (or if you just like to pretend), create the ultimate golf-themed party night with a golf simulator. It’s like bringing Top Golf to your own home.

If you’re in the WNC area, ForeU Golf brings fun to you, anywhere and anytime. You can have a virtual 18-hole course at your fingertips in no time.

Seasoned golfers will drool, and beginners will want to take up golfing.


Search your local listings for a simulator rental near you. Whether it’s a short game, or to practice your chipping game, these are hours of fun!

Kid-Friendly Golf Pong

Some call this game Putterball, some call it Battle Golf, but it’s essentially Beer Pong meets mini-golf. It’s beer pong golf minus the beer.

Take turns trying to sink your ball, and be the first to fill your opponent’s holes. The set includes two balls, two putters, and a golf pong mat, all in a handy carrying case.


It’s so much fun for the whole family!

Tee Toss

If you know avid golf lovers that don’t want to throw out their back with a golf swing, this is a great alternative golf game.


Tee Toss is all about the precision. Simply let the ball swing from the string, and try to get it to land on the tee. It’s that easy, but loads of fun!


Designed as a golf practice set, Birdieball also lets you play golf with your friends without leaving home.


The ball is designed to react and fly like a real golf ball but won’t travel farther than 40 yards. This limited distance is thanks to its unique design, allowing you to let loose with a full swing without busting your neighbor’s window.

Add in a chipping net, or golf practice net, to work on your short-distance game, and you’ll be a pro in no time.

Billiards Golf

If you like to play pool and love to play golf, then Billiards Golf is the perfect game for you.


It combines the classic game of billiards with golf. It features a putting green resembling a pool table, complete with 6 pockets and a triangular rack. Instead of using pool cues, you use putters to try and get the balls into the pockets.

Classic Putting Matt

Never underestimate a classic, or original golf game.

Even novice golfers will enjoy the challenge of landing their putt before the competition.

A traditional putting mat, or artificial turf, is a great way to practice, but it’s also just a lot of fun too. If you have the space, get several different mats and set up a mini-golf course in your backyard.


Your friends and family will think it’s the best thing for some weekend play!

Putt and Bowl

It was only a matter of time before someone thought of this fun new golf game.

Bowling meets golf — brilliant and so simple. Set up the pins at the end of the putting green.

As you can guess, the object of the game is to get a strike as you send your golf ball on its way.

Putt and Bowl would be fun and easy to set up on your next family game day.

More Traditional Backyard Games


A good classic never goes out of style if you want to go beyond golf for some of your backyard fun.


You can get the real deal metal horseshoes or a more lightweight plastic model.


You can also find rubber horseshoes if that’s more your style. No matter what kind you get, the fun of this outdoor favorite is timeless.

Corn Hole

Grab your corn hole set and bean bags, and start tossing. You’re sure to find this game at every backyard bbq, picnic, and birthday party.


You can find sets at sporting goods stores, toy stores, and online, or even make your own cornhole boards.


You can’t help but feel like you’re at a fancy garden party when you start playing croquet.

This longtime favorite of backyard partygoers is still a top entertainment choice at many outdoor gatherings.


Another classic, badminton, combines tennis with volleyball, and it’s one of those games you can’t stop playing.

Badminton definitely gets you moving and the adrenalin pumping. If you’re looking for a bit more active outdoor fun, this is the one for you.

Ladder Toss

Another name for this addictive yard game is Ladder Golf. Basically, you could consider it another golf game alternative.

No matter what you call it, you won’t be able to resist going one more round with this ladder ball game.

Bocce Ball

Grab a bocce ball set, and have fun with the whole family.


Ready to get your game on? Share in the comments! Which one do you think will be your family’s favorite?

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